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tgblog Jan 19 2018

Your Waiting Time ‘s’ Over!!

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Every activity that’s yet to start commemorates with the blessings of the higher Lord, giving way to spirituality as the powerful tool for mankind. Accepting it whole-heartedly, if there is something else that is considered pious, then it is the game of 11 players. Yes, you have guessed it right, Cricket- that which sees no race, no creed and religiously unbiased and let’s all unite to cheer for their favorite players win any title. IPL is one such launch that has made the people go crazy. Nine teams will be seen playing at their home ground with each skipper competing for their spot in the IPL table.

Though the news on its next season has left the audience startled, if there is something that has made them fanatic, it is the return of CSK. Yes, the yellow team will be seen with its squad this season (IPL 2018) with the team’s skipper as M.S. Dhoni. Everyone’s favorite, the cricket legend is back as the skipper of the team. With CSK’s return after a ban of two years will truly show some limelight on the pitch and a hope will surely be instilled in all thinking whether any game-changing moment would happen?

The news on Dhoni’s retention was surprising and had left many amazed. But with this came out yet another two news, that on hearing was really cherishing; the return of the Kings Knight; Suresh Raina, a massive giant player in the team who dares the bowlers with his batting skill and known to hit the maximum number of sixes in the team, and the game changer, an all-rounder or an ideal fielder who never gives chance to any of the opponents and who works on all the rough and tough situations without leaving his determination; Jadeja.

Yes, the three mammoths are back to CSK and with their return, expect how the game is really going to change. Wait not, hurry up and register in our SportzBuses to watch the yellow team play all their series at Chepauk.

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