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tgblog Oct 31 2019


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Mangalore –A Miniature city recognized as Mangaluru is one of the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka, which is rising between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats mountain Range in Karnataka. A vast city with multicultural practices and the language is spoken by the people over here is mainly the Konkani. It is one of the diminished areas when it comes to tourism, the city’s landscape is characterized by the greenish coconut palms, the freshwater torrents, crown buildings, rolling of huge hills. Let’s have a  look still more by reading this blog on Mangalore.


Pilikula Nisargadhama

The Name sounds itself different, likewise, this place is also characterized in a unique manner, It distances 12 km away from Mangalore which spreads for 350 acres of land which is ruined with a park along with a botanical garden, zoo and boating facilities. The Zoo has an enormous number of creatures which is cageless, during boating where you can have a landscape view of wildlife like tigers, leopards, lions, and snakes which is made to gain a thrilling experience.

Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach has located 12 km away from the city, will be added to the bucket list for beach lovers. The beach is covered with full of pristine shores with golden sand which welcomes you the people with the breath of fresh air and you can start enjoying in bare feet strolling on it. Another allurement also included in this beach? Guess what would be? Yup, it’s a tall tower which is known as a lighthouse on the beach where you can have a great view of the ocean and the countryside.

Surfing in Mulki

Mulki is a hefty spot for surfers which is known as a surfing paradise situated 30 km to the north of Mangalore. All though you can surf in every season, and the best season for surfing you can experience over here from May to June and September to October. It is divined to be a holy place so the usage and consumption of alcohol and meat are strictly prohibited.

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