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tgblog Feb 15 2018

Yercaud- “The Jewel of the South”

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Nuzzled beautifully amidst the verdant blankets of greenery situated atop the Shevaroys hills at an altitude of 1515 meters above the sea level, this tiny miny town as much charming as the other hill stations on the alongside the Eastern Ghats is more like a Koh-I-Noor diamond mounted on the crown. True, one can find carats of destinations to ponder to with your loved ones or family or friends that would surely make your visit worthy and a moment to cherish it eternally, and so was it named “The Jewel of the South”. People call it by other nouns as well; a Sleepy Hill, Lake Forest; because of the abundance of forest covering the lake and a Scintillating Station.

So, with bountiful areas to stopover, picturesque landscapes and the rich flora and fauna can altogether make your trip a lot more captivating. For you to get an insight on its destinations, scroll down a bit;

1. Yercaud Lake-

Situated in the heart of the town, this lake barges as one of the most-sought out locations in Yercaud that boasts of everything; from beautiful lawns covered with wooded trees offering tranquillity on every move along the pavement and a mesmerizing panoramic view of the hills to the culinary delights of the people of Yecaud providing eateries prepared with ingenious spices. Further, with the picture-perfect ambiance hooding the town, one cannot resist themselves from clicking pictures.

2. Pagoda Point-

If you want to get a sprawling look of Yercaud and Salem and get indulged in the serenity of the place and solace your mind then this Pagoda Point has to be on your bucket list. This is known to mesmerize any visitor’s attention towards the beauty of nature. Altogether, this place is a serene vantage point for all those who want to rejuvenate from their bustling lives.

3. The Servaroyan Temple-

There is a temple atop the Shevaroys Hills where Yercaud resides, the Servaroyan Temple that is dedicated to Goddess Kaveri. This temple atop this magnificent hill is serene, pious and is known to offer incredible insight into the Spiritual Development of the society. With all these besides, one can easily spot the flow of water from the Mettur Dam and the mist and fog covering the area. The path to this temple is filled with craggy terrain and if anyone wishes to experience that adrenaline rush then you better trek to this place.

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