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tgblog Oct 20 2016

Why you should visit Arunachal Pradesh – ‘The land of rising Sun’

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Road trip

Road trip

India has a bounty in store for the explorers, with a portion of the wealthiest trails and ranges prompting the most delightful places in the region. On the off chance that you are the ‘i-need to-explore places-without-being-held with-a schedule’ sort of traveler, taking after this route is implied for you. What better approach to witnessing the dazzling mountain ranges, delightful coastline landscape, and lavish greenery than to go on a road trip. Though everybody cannot be a biker, one can always opt for the thrilling bus ride through the lofty roads. Bus travel has been largely misjudged. Many interior places in India can be reached by bus no other means.

Potentially India’s remotest and most unexplored state, Arunachal Pradesh is known as the “Wilderness state”, as it shares a border with Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. In the 1962 war amongst India and China, this state was right in the thick of a fight, yet from that point forward there has been a climate of finish peace and peacefulness in Arunachal. It is just as of late that both the Indian government and the Arunachal Pradesh state governments have been making a deliberate push at advancing Arunachal as a prime tourist destination – both for remote holidaymaker and vacationers from different parts of the country.

What’s more, why not? Arunachal’s common magnificence, with icy masses, snow topped mountains, thick greenery, staggering high elevation knolls, the rich and copious verdure are essentially an incredible sight. Also, the cross intersection waterways, streams, and lakes, with completely clear water adequate for drinking straight away without dread, make this maybe the most actually lovely locale in the entire of India.

Visitors can exploit the mountains and pinnacles of Arunachal Pradesh to enjoy mountaineering, on the off chance that they are of the daring sort. Trekking around the uneven areas while appreciating the characteristic environment and the dazzling view can be truly fun thing to do here.

The Geography of Arunachal Pradesh

They don’t simply stream – they gush like thunder! Any visit to the Frontier state which does not include rafting on its uncontrollable streams is fragmented. Rafting is an unimaginably gutsy and fun brandish, and there is no preferred place to do it over in Arunachal Pradesh. There’s more in the store for the nature lovers, Arunachal is terrific accumulations of the most intriguing widely varied vegetation are cuisines from paradise. Arunachal Pradesh has 550 of the rarest orchid species, and a few other uncommon plants. More than 60% of Arunachal Pradesh’s terrain is a shelter for thick greenery.

The thick timberlands of Arunachal Pradesh are alive and overflowing with colossal of elephants, glorious tigers, unpredictable panthers and other wild felines, and in addition red pandas, white gibbons, the Mithun (which has the logical terminology Bos Frontalis) and the musk deers. Visitors are very much encouraged to bring their best cameras along and practice their untamed life photography abilities when they visit Arunachal Pradesh.

The History of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh as examined before shares a borderline with China, and is a part of a long-running question between the two countries.

Arunachal Pradesh is portrayed in the Kalika Puran and the colossal Hindu sagas, Ramayana and Mahabharata. There is a wonderful, yet the broken down block structure encompassing several towns in the slopes near Ron, which are said have been previously the home Rukmini, the spouse of Lord Krishna, a standout amongst the essential Gods in the Hindu religion. The archeological remains found in Malini Than or Malini temple located in a place named, Likabali is the living prove of this.

The People of Arunachal Pradesh

The general population of Arunachal Pradesh is among the friendliest local people that vacationers can hope to meet. Since Arunachal is still new to tourism, the general population here is actually inquisitive and warm and accommodating to visitors, continually going the additional yard to be of help if a traveler is lost or needs headings.

Religion practiced



The general population of Arunachal Pradesh to a great extent practice Buddhism, and it is no big surprise that the state is home to a portion of the loveliest Buddhist cloisters on the planet. There are 20 unique tribes in Arunachal, and all tribes consider singing and moving an essential piece of their custom. What’s more, voyagers would love the handmade things made by the tribes, which are made with awesome care and are truly entirely charming.

Do you require any authorization to get to Arunachal Pradesh?

Yes. Shockingly, you require an Inner Land Permit to visit Arunachal Pradesh on the off chance that you are a guest from mainland India. In the event that you are a remote traveler, you are required to enroll yourself at the closest neighborhood police headquarters in Arunachal. We comprehend this is a noteworthy burden, yet the sheer normal excellence and allure of Arunachal Pradesh ought to compensate for the inconvenience.

Best time to visit Arunachal

While Arunachal Pradesh has an awesome atmosphere consistently, it’s best to visit amongst October and March as the atmosphere is cool and charming, and there are no downpours.

The Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has twenty noteworthy tribes and each of these tribes is known to partake in a few celebrations, which are set apart by a rich assortment of music and move. A portion of the mainstream tribal celebrations of Arunachal Pradesh are Solung, Mopin, Losar, Boori Boot, Dree, Nechi Dau, Chalo-loku, Longte Yullo,Ojiale, Reh, Sanken, Si-Donyi, Nyokum – Yullo, and Tamladu. The moves are performed to the music made by special musical instruments, for example, Guga, a bamboo string instrument, ujuk tapua, a wind instrument made of jug gourd, reed woodwinds, for example, the pupe and tapu.

The Buddhist Mahotsava is a wonderful celebration celebrated in Buddhist cloisters, and is held to advance the standards of peace, friendship, and fellowship amongst countries and individuals. The Siang River Festival is another essential celebration, which commends the waterway Siang and the groups that live around it. The Ziro Festival is another essential celebration in Arunachal Pradesh and is praised by the Apatani tribe with awesome delight, fun and skip with fascinating moves joined by incredible music.

Places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh



Itanagar: Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, and is a conventional North-East Indian town, which is quick developing as a noteworthy urban center point, loaded with structures. Voyagers ought to visit the Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum and the Center for Buddhist Culture, when in Itanagar, as they offer a fantastic look into Arunachal Pradesh’s wonderful legacy.



Namdhapa National Park: The Namdhapa National Park is gigantic – Spread over an endless thickly forested range of 1985 sq kms. One may locate a fascinating greenery here. This stop is especially noted for lodging the enormous felines – panther, tiger, obfuscated panther and snow panther. More than 500 assortments of feathered creatures are available here.

Tawang Gompa

Tawang Gompa

Tawang Gompa: The Tawang Gompa is the second greatest Buddhist religious community in India, as well as in the whole world, which makes it entirely extraordinary. It is very invigorated and looks shocking as it is settled on all sides by tall mountains. The Tawang Gompa is known too for its tremendous library which has a gathering of an extensive number of antique books composed a few centuries back. The eight-meter high statue of Buddha is a significantly incredible sight. The best time to visit the Tawang Gompa is amid the Buddhist Mahotsava, when the place is decked with hues and there is a sentiment awesome delight noticeable all around.

Tawang Valley

Tawang Valley

Tawang Valley: The Tawang Valley is the most excellent goal in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a locale of mammoth mountains, settling boundless green fields and towns in their middle. One may locate various Buddhist religious communities in this district, arranged in an environment of finish peace and quietness. The Mompa towns that dab the scene of the valley are entirely excellent too. Sightseers may think about spending as a night or two of merry peace in a one of the towns here.



Ziro Valley: Ziro is a stunningly dazzling slope station and a significant old town, which has been the conventional house the Apatani tribe. It is encompassed by a valley named after the town itself, the Ziro Valley. The Ziro Valley has an extremely rich biodiversity. Ziro must be gone by amid the Ziro Festival, which is praised by the Apatani tribe in the midst of extraordinary fun and skip, move and music.

How to get to Arunachal Pradesh?

Getting to Arunachal Pradesh via Air is basically the least demanding thing to arrive from the other part of the country. The closest airplane terminal in Arunachal is in Assam, the Lilabari (North Lakhimpur) Tezpur Airport. You can get a flight to this airplane terminal from Kolkata. While not very numerous aircrafts work their flights to this place, it is still entirely simple to book your tickets and get to Arunachal rapidly. From the airplane terminal in Assam, you can get to Arunachal by bus or other private taxis.

In case you wish to get to Arunachal Pradesh via prepare, your goal ought to be either Harmuty, which is only a half-hour head out from the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, or get off any station in North Lakhimpur in Assam and from that point, get a transport to Itanagar.

The most clear-cut mode to get to Arunachal Pradesh by road is to get to the Naharlagun transport station, which is at only 20-minute transport ride far from Itanagar. There are brilliant roads that connect Naharlagun to a few essential towns and urban communities in the North-East, for example, Shillong, Guwahati, Bomdila, and Ziro, North Lakhimpur. Book a bus from Guwahati to Itanagar or Guwahati to Silapathar (Dhemaji) or Guwahati to Naharlagun, and then take local a bus or taxi to reach your destination. There are available Volvo buses that run from Guwahati daily.

Explore India, experience the unseen beauty of lush green fields, lofty mountains, and take road trips by bus to behold the scenic beauty from close proximity.

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