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tgblog Aug 30 2019

Why travelling is all about soul-searching – Ticketgoose

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A journey so memorable than the destination itself is what we all want to experience every time. It’s because in the small, bright moments and memorable experiences that you allow yourself to have. A great journey’s beginnings lie in the moments where you get the longing to go! It stays with you even long after you’ve come home. Usually, what you envisage in your travels is truly a reflection of your own inner state. Here are five cheat codes to help enhance your travel sojourn and prepare your inner self for the journey ahead, whether you’re going on a planned vacation with tickets booked on TicketGoose, a holiday resort, a holy pilgrimage, or an island filled with adventure for you to have the time of your life.

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Keep your inspiration motivated along with your intent 

Before you go, focus on your intentions and set a purpose for the trip. What attracts you to the main destination? What quest are you on? Read memoirs or poetry about the people and the culture to transport you into the soul of the destination. Let your soul be enriched by the words of those who’ve captured the essence of your destination.

When on a trip leave your comforts at home

If your intention is to disconnect from your everyday life, leave your laptop and gadgets at home, switch off your phones. This lets you be present and view things differently. Getting into a good rhythm that’s different from your usual, normal life is part of the journey’s experience. You are in a different time, space, and frame of mind once you leave the familiar behind. Take the journey as a chance to reconnect with yourself, discover new horizons, go for bus ticket offers, develop perspectives, and see the innate beauty in everything.

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Stay in tune with your surroundings

If you are a hill person, you must breathe in and feel the energy of the mountain. Let it in through you and flow with it. You’ll see that it’s much easier to adjust to the high terrain and altitude. Just relax and breathe deeply with your surrounding visuals in mind, and feel your breath and the energy of the place enter every cell of your body. When you are tuned in, you can also start feeling the many different characters of nature that are more feminine and chaotic in rivers and seas among other water bodies; and more masculine and energizing in the mountains and the forests. By tuning in, you are also respecting and acknowledging the dizzying power of nature.

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Allow for inner peace to emerge within you for relaxation

The joy of travel should come from an open mind, and history has it that the best one’s experiences are those which are unexpected, spontaneous moments typically made on a whim. It’s time to get off the beaten path and when you find a place you love, linger there longer. Leave some room for those precious moments to come to visit your senses, by scheduling as little as possible. You need to stay vulnerable and open for serendipity to enter and guide you. Try straying from the crowd and find yourself instinctively guided Vivegam Travels for your trips in luxury buses. Ask the locals on something unique about the place and experience that first hand. It’s these personal moments that become the most memorable parts of journeys.

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Your travel tales are yours to keep and show off

A great travel writer once wrote in the Foreword to 100 Journeys For The Spirit, “A journey of the spirit only starts with somewhere wondrous. It continues wherever we are, through the doors that wonder has opened.” Such arousing words can showcase the impression of a place that has touched a deep spot in your heart to stay long after the journey is over. Why not retrieve the very essence of a place by closing your eyes and letting your mind and inner soul revisit the place, via meditation from wherever you are. Imagine the feelings and sensations that arose in you to make memories when you were there. Revel in the textures, sounds, and scents the scenic beauty. You’ll surely be back in that magical place again instantly, taking in the beautiful energy once more. Try this lovely mental exercise when you need a new perspective on things in life. Trust us, you’ve got this!

So, the next time you have a cab ride or bus journey coming up, don’t allow it to take your trip. Instead, wear your best face and gear up for a joy ride in your taxi. Book your travel tickets at TicketGoose.com for exciting offers. We are committed to taking you places for a beyond the journey experience so, download the app here

Happy traveling folks!


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