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tgblog May 24 2014

Why travelling by bus is a popular option?

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When it comes to travelling by bus most of us overlook this means of commute, simply because it is time consuming compared to air or rail travel. However, survey suggests that bus travel is the most opted mode of inter-city transportation, surpassing both rail and air travel. Most of the bus operators today likeParveen Travels, Kesineni Travels and VRL Travels lure their customers with exceptionally low prices and new amenities. Besides, bus journey is safer, comfortable as well as affordable.

I personally love road trips be it by a bus or a car. Nothing can beat the view outside as we move away from the bustling cityscape and the landscape slowly gives way to a beautiful terrain; whether it is just the vast expanse of the clear blue sky, or the sun-kissed rolling mountains, the serene river, the lush green coconut groves, the stretches of yellow mustard or the green paddy fields.

Yes, some of you might think why would you waste five to six hours just watching the view outside, when you can simply catch a flight and reach your destination in an hour or two. I agree, when it comes to time management, air travel can be the best option, but, what about the cost?

A train journey can be a comfortable one but getting a reservation is another headache. Booking your tickets months in advance will only ensure a reservation and off course a low fare. But how many of us plan our trips several months ahead?
Let us take a look at why travelling by bus is always a preferred choice for many of us:

The View:

When you are taking a flight, you cannot enjoy the beautiful landscape that a bus travel would give. The scene outside from the cool confines of your bus will never fail to impress you, no matter how many times you have taken the same route, as all the four seasons, will give you a different view. If you are driving a car, you will constantly need to concentrate on the road ahead and not be able to enjoy the view as much as how you would enjoy sitting inside the bus.

Pick up and drop:

Taking a flight? Well, you will have to travel hours in advance to the airport to check in. Even a rail journey, will see to it that you reach the station in time. And after the arrival, you will have to travel quite a lot from the airport or the railway station to reach your destination. But when you take the bus, you can mention a boarding point not far away from your house while booking your ticket. It is applicable even when you are getting off from your bus once you reach your destination.


Today, bus travel is no different than a flight or a train travel when it comes to amenities. You can enjoy a movie in the bus or you can choose your own laptop without the fear of its battery going off. Most of the buses have plug-point facility where you can charge your mobile or your laptop. Some bus operators also provide free Wi-Fi facility. And most buses ensure that you have an extra leg space for your comfort. There are several operators that have restroom facility in their buses. You can also order your food in advance while you are booking your tickets, just like in the airlines. What more could you ask for?

The price factor:

When it comes to vacation and travelling, all of us check on the price as soon as we select on our destination. Based on the price we decide where to go, how to go and where to stay. So, price is definitely a crucial factor.

Take for instance a bus journey from Bangalore to Chennai.
Distance: 346 km.
Time taken by bus: 5 and 1/2 hours.


  • By Flight: Rs 4,830
  • By Train: Rs 732
  • By Bus: Rs 447

The huge difference in pricing is in itself a resounding yes for commuters choosing to travel by bus.


Price is not the only factor why many of us love travelling by bus. Even if we need to travel the next day, we can just book our tickets instantly and we will definitely get a reservation. And today, with online bus ticket booking easily available with almost all the operators it has made travelling by bus even more convenient. Gone are the days when we had to rush to a bus counter to get our tickets and stand in serpentine queues.

Also, we can stop a bus midway and stretch our legs or even enjoy snacking. A bus will reach even the remotest of destinations, but a flight or a train will not give us that facility.

Let me narrate an incident that a colleague, Sujatha C.M, went through when her train reservation was not confirmed even at the last moment.

She was very excited to celebrate her third anniversary in Velankaani and had booked their train tickets months in advance. However, the tickets were on waiting list and yet to be confirmed. Thinking it would be confirmed at the last moment, she began packing her bags. But to her horror, she found out that their tickets were not confirmed even in the morning of their journey. Distraught, she tried calling everywhere, to get the tickets confirmed, but it was not meant to be.

However, she was determined that come what may she would celebrate her anniversary in Velankaani. So, she called up Ticket Goose and asked whether there were any tickets available for that day to travel from Bangalore to Velankaani. It was confirmed pronto. Soon they boarded a KPN Travels bus and were on their way. It was pouring when they left Bangalore and the rains were not letting up when they reached their destination. She was worried as she had a one-and-a-half-year-old baby with her. But the bus route was such that they were dropped off right in front of their hotel.

Sujatha was overjoyed and was thanking God for the turn of events. Had her train tickets been confirmed, she would need to travel from Thanjavur to Velankaani by bus. But the direct bus from Bangalore saved her from the break journey. It was a blessing in disguise as with her baby in tow and the rain, it would have been troublesome getting off from the train and travelling to Thanjavur bus stand to board the bus for Velankaani.

This little incident stands testimony to how convenient a bus journey can be, especially when other means of transportation turns out to be unreliable.

So, next time you plan a trip, which mode of transport would you opt for?


One Response to “Why travelling by bus is a popular option?”
  1. Dr. Bobby Mahanta says:

    I’m inclined to agree.

    Train journey left a horrible impression in my life. Had suffered a lot due to it’s delayed schedule. We need to plan well in advance but that is not always feasible.

    Talking about air routes, besides the rescheduled factor we need to stand in a long queues for security check, boarding. ..which is sometimes very irritating. Also, the gate closes 15 mins before boarding. Recently I had missed my flight because of the distance and confusion with Terminal I and Terminal 2 (Delhi). The distance between the two was….ah!! Had to pay huge amount to reach the other terminal. But I missed my flight. So I had to book another which was more than double of the previous amount. Very expensive!


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