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tgblog May 02 2018

Why should you Visit Chokhi Dhani?

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With hell lot of tourist destinations from all around the world, if there is something that is fun fair, zealous and a reflection of true authenticity of ancient era then its Chokhi Dhani; a five star village resort in Jaipur, Rajasthan that draws millions of tourists to its location just to cherish the food, music, entertainment, and architecture. We all know that from the traditional cuisines to art forms to culture, Rajasthan stands atop so many and to experience the best in everything, Chokhi Dhani has to be your one-stop solution. So, pack your bags and head to this quintessential village to get a break from your monotonous routine. To highlight some of its features;

  1. Choki Dhani Resort-

If you ever want to experience the authenticity of the city but want a close proximity to your arrival area then enjoy and relish your stay at Choki Dhani Resort that is located in Tonk Road at a distance of 20kms from the Railway Station. This village resort ought to portray true opulence which is resplendent with marvelous architecture and guest rooms that are all very welcoming. Further, if you are unable to book a resort here then look for any other hotels in this locality to reduce your commutation time.


  1. Traditional Folk Dance-

One would never feel bored here with plenty of entertainment options available and among all that the folk dance is what beholds the eye because of the exquisite dance forms like Ghoomar and Chari dance where the fast beat drums ought to make your feet tap with them. Also, there are other events like a puppet show, fire act and a magic show during the evenings.

  1. Rides-

Though the village offers a bunch of rides to choose from, starting with; camels, elephants, horses and bullock carts but if you want to enjoy a leisurely and relaxed pace of ride then take a stroll on a camel.


  1. Shopping-

A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without buying beautiful Rajasthani handicrafts at Kalagram which is an initiative by Choki Dhani to provide both livelihood to the artisans and these artifacts at reasonable fares. From d├ęcor to paintings to clothing, this place gives a mark to the tourists.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an Outstation Taxi to any nearest location and cherish the infinite fun forever.

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