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tgblog Aug 24 2016

6 Reasons Why Should You Take Bus

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Traveling to different places makes a person more confident and optimist towards life. Moreover, it gives an opportunity meet people from different class and background, to know about them and their culture. And bus journey provides ample amount and exposure towards fun and adventure. But why would anybody spend six hours on a bus from Chennai to Bangalore, watching trees pass by and using (gasp!) a public toilet or with no choice of getting the chance to get relieved at all, when you could fly instead?

Bus journey was never so comfy

Bus journey was never so comfy

With a reputation for being moderate, unclean and uncomfortable, public transport is a travel alternative that is ignored by most travelers (or if nothing else by those matures enough to have outgrown their knapsacks). Be that as it may, in the event that you haven’t used an inter-city transport in a while, you very well might be astounded by how they’ve changed. Bus travel is indeed the most reasonably priced transport system to go from one place to the other. With amazingly moderate rates and new civilities, transport travel is more luring than it’s ever been.

Traveling at this stage has reached a different point. People are busy, cranky, packed with work five days a week, earning good…and so do they want a good escape at least once in a week to a good place. And for people working in private firms, buses give them a good advantage. They can book easily and hop on from their nearest destination. Chennai has a good bus transport facility may it Government bus MTC or private travels. And moreover, Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus is one of the biggest bus stations in Asia. So, it would be a shame to call oneself a travel enthusiast if you haven’t boarded a bus at least once from CMBT in Koyambedu, Chennai.

I will tell you why traveling by bus is so much better than traveling by plane, or train, or by car.

No need for advance planning

One of the most annoying things about flying or traveling by train is you have to plan your trips months in advance to get a good deal or to get your seat reserved, as prices tend to soar the closer you get to the date of departure. Nobody has the luxury of planning a trip or journey in a relaxed manner. Smartphones and laptops are so handy these days, just download a bus booking app and book you seat on the go! Redbus, Travelyaari, Ticketgoose, etc. are one of the leading ticketing platforms that offer sales and deals on tickets to win over their travelers.

No missing baggage

In trains and flights, there is no guarantee of not losing your baggage. The chances are there in buses too, no doubt, but you can have a closer check on your luggage in the bus. The other reason many be less number of passenger accommodation compared to trains and flights.

More options

In case of catching or booking buses, you got a lot of options. You can either catch MTC buses or one among many private travels. A lot of private concerns have embraced the new technology and have blended very well with it. Now there is a facility where you can track your bus and know its whereabouts. Redbus has come up with an innovative idea like cab booking option, where you can track the bus route and book your ticket according to its availability.

No need of arriving hours in advance

Unlike catching a flight, boarding bus is much more convenient. I hate to wake up early almost at the middle of the night at 3:00 AM to catch a flight at 6:00 AM because you need to be at the airport two hours in advance of your boarding time. Why? Because there is a huge passengers’ queue while taking the flight pass, and also while boarding.

Better use of personal time

Taking the bus instead of self driving frees up time to do something that you appreciate. You can utilize the bust travel time very well, like to catch up on emails, text your mates, read the paper or a novel, watch movie, etc. Or simply relax; let someone else do the driving.

No worries about tolls

Recently Tamil Nadu Govt. has increased the toll rates. So, taking the bus instead of driving yourself saves you money on gas, parking, and tolls.

There are a few limitations in bus travel as you cannot stretch your legs every now and then or walk a while and loo facility in the bus. However, this problem has been solved with sleeper buses. Some people prefer traveling by road as they find it convenient to stop every now and then to freshen up or have snacks at the roadside dhabas. See, you have more comfort than you expected in bus travel. So, young hearts and travel enthusiasts kick your lazy bums get some sun every weekend. Pack your travel bag, book bus ticket, explore your next destination.

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