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tgblog Mar 26 2018

Why not Head to Rameshwaram this Weekend?

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Unrivaled wonders lying beneath its sands with the glorious entities of pilgrimage sites encircling the beautiful town that when seen, resembles a finely cut gem and finally the charming look of the picturesque and placid shores coz of which it got the name “The Tiny Fishing Town”. Adding beauty to it, there is an existence of bird sanctuary here and the largest railway bridge that is known for its connectivity between an island to the mainland. Above all these, if there is anything as spine-chilling as ever then it is the island submerged under water during the massive flood that attacked the place. So, to make your itinerary more convenient, just take a look down;

Temples, it’s known for;

Ramanathaswamy Temple; the largest temple and an architectural wonder in the history ever that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a part of Char Dam Yatra. Built in the 17th Century, this temple houses one of the largest and longest corridors with over 1200 beautifully carved pillars, each including a picture of the lion carved artistically onto it. Further, other attractions to this place are the twelve ponds and the Dravidian Style Architecture.

Hanuman Temple; is another temple in the town that is little closer to Ramanathaswamy Temple that marks a five-faced idol of Lord Hanuman who can be seen in senthoor; a red colored powder that is splashed on the idol. Besides the mythological fact holding it, yet another captivating aspect is the floating stone here that was considered to have been built as a linkage between the town and Sri Lanka. The stones here can still be seen in the satellite view.

Destinations that calls many;

Rama Setu, we all would have heard about the bridge that was built by the monkeys as a help to Lord Rama in rescuing his consort from the evil Ravana. Besides so many debates that could be kept apart, one can truly cherish the power of the great on seeing the limestone shoals arranged in line right from the Dhanushkodi tip to Lanka.

Rama Setu
Water Bird Sanctuary; if you are an ornithologist or a bird watcher who loves seeing it then you have to visit this sanctuary as it showcases native and migratory birds. Especially from the months October to January, one can witness birds in large numbers being it the prime season.

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