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tgblog Dec 20 2017

Where Can these Operators take You?

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I had said in many blogs earlier about the various utmost operators that TicketGoose has paired with. Today, I have come up with yet another interesting topic on which all places these below mentioned operators are known for and get an idea of what’s special at those destinations. So, to start with:

  1. National Travels-

Established in Karnataka as a small scale industry has now grown to become a reliable fleet operator in the travel industry with over fifty buses plying across major routes of Southern India. Known for its excellence in the safety of passengers and the amenities it offers en-route, it has indeed made a mark in the bus transportation sector. This service is known for its exceptional facilities across Coimbatore.

  1. Meghana Travels-

Known explicitly for its mind-blowing services, Meghana Travels has become the most- liked fleet operator of the people. The credit goes to its vast fleet with well- maintained coaches, luxurious interiors, and vigilant driving. This service is known mainly for its Tirupati service.

  1. Hebron Travels-

What an amazing operator to ride in? From luxurious insights and comfortable trips to the courteous staff ready to resolve to customer queries any time and preferring their choice despite difficulty can only be seen in this travels. Apart all these, it is the safe driving of the chauffeurs that holds the customers tight. This travels is mainly known for its services across Nellai.

  1. Parveen Travels-

It’s a well-known and a spectacular fleet operator offering its top-notch services in the Southern India where its origination dates back to 80’s with its brand Parveen that was later modified to Parveen Travels seeing its growth in the tourism industry. It gained its strength by offering services that much supported the youths with an introduction of ladies coach too. Right from well-maintained fleets to comfort to best fare, Parveen now resides in the heart of many when it comes to travel. Its main service can be seen on the Madurai route.

So, hurry and visit India’s leading online bus ticketing portal, TicketGoose to book your bus tickets online. Happy journey!

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