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tgblog Feb 22 2018

What the Western Ghats Boasts Of!

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While the mists are busy playing with the mountains and the trees on either sides of the range converging around you making a separate pave for the meadows to meander and, the aromatic coffee beans on a full beam, every hill station looks more charming and enchanting with plethora of flora and fauna, tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and bio-diversity hotspots that UNESCO- World Heritage Sites has it all. Some of which are embedded onto the Western Ghats or the Sahyadri- a mountain range that stretches for 1600 km along the coastline of the Western India connecting states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Karnataka. To name some of the hill stations that the Western Ghats boasts of are;

1. Conoor, Tamil Nadu-

Coonoor, the Blue Mountains right in the heart of the Nilgiris, is a pristine hill station on the lap of the Western Ghats that is very close to Ooty. While the latter one can be seen occupied during Summer, this hill station is a solitude in self, with its land busy seeing trekking and wildlife. The biodiversity is very rich in this place and one can get themselves indulged in the beauty of it and take a ride on the toy train. Conoor will always surprise you with the best.

2. Valparai, Tamil Nadu-

Located in the Annamalai Mountains and surrounded by lush blankets of greeneries, tea plantations and tropic forests on either side and, with over 40 hairpin bends, this mid-level raised hill station is the 7th heaven in Tamil Nadu. Some of the places to visit here are; Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Monkey Falls, Aliyar Falls and several other wildlife destinations as this place is marked for its rich bio-diversity. One can easily spot out elephants, tigers, leopards, hornbills and giant squirrels.

3. Thekkady, Kerala-

Located in the Cardamom Hills, this hill station is known widely for its spice plantations that are also an elephant and tiger reserve that is breathtakingly beautiful. Further, it is here where the rivers Pamban and Periyar originate. Other nearby places here are Chellar Kovil and Mangala Devi Temple.

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