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tgblog Aug 27 2019

What Makes For a Great Hotel Experience – Ticketgoose

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Places of stay, it turns out, aren’t always defined by what you see in the way of sightseeing and tourist attractions. Sometimes, a hotel is best remembered by where you lay your head while resting to sleep. I’ve always liked to look at it as though I’m off on a trip to stay in a new home somewhere. I don’t own it, but does it matter, really?

Just the other day, I was thinking about some very memorable hotel customer service moments and got reminded of TicketGoose.  I don’t usually travel for work, and so I don’t have as many anchors stays as a true road warrior. But, given the increased amount of travel that I had to undertake, I’ve been to a few.  I am typically a pretty low-maintenance hotel guest.  I don’t need much housekeeping, and in fact, we typically keep the do not disturb sign on throughout our stay.  But looking back, I thought I’d share some great customer service examples from different hotel stays over the years. 

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Your customers, mind you, are the main focus of your hospitality business, at all times. To succeed, you need happy and delighted customers who will refer your hotel to their friends and acquaintances. Customer reviews play a deciding role when travelers book a hotel or taxi ride. It is but natural, that you need to have the basics in place, such as clean and hygienic facilities and friendly staff to boot. But, how do you get your hotel’s customer service personnel to stand out and make your hotel guests come back for more rests with your innovative initiatives! Memorable experiences depend on relevance, culture, and personalization, of course. To create such an experience, you need to know what your customer wants before he or she even asks for it.

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Most business owners tend to think they know their customers. Boy, how wrong could they be! For instance, when was the last time you as a hotelier spoke with your customers and guests about how you can improve your services to their satisfaction?

I once ordered some desserts from room service – gooey chocolate brownies, sticky toffee pudding, and warm apple crumbles; all of which were simply out of the world. The room service personnel assigned to me had asked me beforehand, how I preferred my desserts to be and its accompaniments! That’s the wow experience I’m talking about! The hotel decor was no doubt beautiful, especially at the winter garden area and mind you the check-in process was a breeze through and very guest-friendly. Commendable and recommendable!

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The key to figuring out how to extend a memorable experience is to engage with your customers. Customer demands shift from time to time, so make sure to do it on a continuous basis. Ask them what they expect of their stay or what they thought of it and why they picked your hotel in the first place. Your staff is obviously going to play a key role to deliver exceptional hospitality because they interact with guests on a day-to-day basis. Educating them to give proper service is essential. Knowledge of local bus routes goes a long way too. In general, customers always value a personal touch. Make personalization a key part of how your staff interacts with the esteemed guests. And, to ensure that customers get the best service they need when they ask for it, you must give your staff the freedom and responsibility to help them without hindrance. People often underestimate the power of a good customer service experience. Something as straight as a smile can indeed go a long way to brighten up someone’s day and suddenly change their entire perspective on a place or the hotel’s environment.

For example, in settings where the weather allows for the fireplace to be going, it does create a wonderful ambiance for the occupants. Guests who check-in and enter the room, find themselves walking into a stunningly gorgeous fire that’s already lit and inviting with its warmth and glow. They’ll immediately feel-at-home, comfortably snug, and of course, find it welcoming! The little extra touches make all the difference in the world when they are all added together to entwine the guest for a salubrious stay. Guests also want to experience the luxury that they can’t replicate at home because of their busy schedules, hectic professional lives, and a lack of trained cleaning staff at hand.

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While we must have the hunger to whip up the best cuisine, the appetite for vegetarianism and veganism is only turning commonplace across the country and worldwide too. And yet, many restaurants and hotels are still to offer a varied vegetarian or vegan menu for the well-traveled. In fact, some venues just stuck on offering side dishes or nothing at all. If a hotel or restaurant wants to avoid such disservice, they need to create a good enough menu with options to mix and match that are of course vegetarian or can be offered with vegan alternatives. When a hotel makes a guest’s stay memorable, they not only make their guests happy, but they also engender a loyal customer base who will not only come back again but also refer others, thereby further improving a hotel’s business.

Just keep in mind, among other things that your hotel customer service needs to be relevant for your guests and their tastes. Test out different alternatives to figure out what satisfies guests the most and make the most of their happiness! Last but not least, keep up a dialogue with guests to understand what they want, and you’re one more step closer to creating a really memorable experience! Here’s a checklist that you can follow for the little things that win the heart: 

  1. Ensure there’s tea, coffee and water in rooms with the minibar.
  2. Place a small welcome gift on the table.
  3. Create a handout on information packages on surrounding areas.
  4. Keep a small treat for kids when families arrive.
  5. Always leave a “Thank You” note on their first and last day (do personalize by using their names).
  6. Try leaving a small treat after cleaning the room every time.
  7. Always cater to your guests’ individual needs. For example, if they go hiking, leave some water bottles and small snacks in their rooms.
  8. Keep a library of books.
  9. Allow early and late check-ins, more so, if you have business travelers.

So, the next time you have a hotel stay cab ride or bus journey coming up, don’t allow it to take your trip. Instead, wear your best face and gear up for a pleasant experience! Book your travel tickets and hotels at TicketGoose.com for exciting offers. We are committed to taking you places for a beyond the journey experience so, download the app here

Enjoy your stay, folks!

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