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tgblog May 25 2018

What is Ramadan All About?

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                                                           “In the name of Allah, the most beneficial, the most merciful”

Ramadan renowned as the most sacred month of the Muslims is one such festival that is celebrated worldwide with great zeal and zest. Did you know amongst the huge population of Muslims in the nation there are some of the places in India that are known mainly for Ramadan celebrations? If not then refer to my previous blog; http://blog.ticketgoose.com/break-your-fast-at-these-places/ Yes, a crescent moon atop the palm trees on a fine sunset marks the beginning of the holy month where it is obligatory that every adult Muslim other than those who are pregnant or suffering from any kind of illness have to observe fast during this month that would usually last for a duration of 29-30 days.

Many ask why to observe fast but the obvious answer is this yearly observance is listed under the five pillars of Islam that marks as a commemoration for the first revelation of the holy book, Quran to the most beloved prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). And so, it is done. Forth thirty days of immense fasting, Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul- Fitr.

The fasting starts at dawn forth in which the individual is refrained from drinking liquids or alcohols, smoking, consuming food or engaging in sexual activities and breaks the fast at dusk. The opening and observance of fast are commonly called by names like Sahar and Iftaar. During fasting, it is seen that the people observing fast don’t lie rather get themselves indulged in good deeds and charity as these are all considered to be spiritual rewards what one would avail in their afterlife.

The revelation of the Quran has become predominantly important that we can hear many say about the 27th day, the day when the Quran was sent to the prophet down to the earth and the day when Muslims pray the entire night for getting the divine grace upon them, such is a day that is known as Laylat- a- Qadar also said as the “Night of Power”. Iftaar has always been special to both Muslims and Non- Muslims where we can see people plunging across the streets of cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi to open their fast with varied mouth-watery delicacies like Mutton Haleem, Kebabs, Chicken Tikkas and sweets like Jalebis and much more.

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