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tgblog Dec 08 2017

What about a trip to Land of Black Magic?

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Black Magic

It will be quite interesting if we come to know that the things which we have heard in fairy tales are happening in the real world, isn’t it? I guess your answer will be yes, we have seen the series of Harry Potter (Story that fully based on witchcraft), some may be addicted to those series. While watching those series, we would have thought that all those witchcrafts are fictions. But surprisingly, there is a place in India called Mayong in the Marigaon district of Assam which is famous for black magic. Whenever we hear the word black magic then we will describe that the person who does magic to fulfil their wishes and will harm others but people in this region do magic in their day to day life for social welfare.

There are several histories for the name of this place. Some people say that Mayong was derived from the Sanskrit word Maya which means illusion. Some say that people from Maibong lived here and hence got its name. Few say that it got its name from the goddess ‘Maa-er-ongo’. But, none knows the history of this region and also doesn’t know how black magic came into existence. This place is just 40 km away from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam.

This village is similar to other villages in India; being calm and people doing their routine life like fishing, farming, kids going to school and people roaming around. If someone visits this village they cannot believe that this is the place where people practices black magic. The one who practices black magic is called Bez, he/she can control time, turn people into animals and vice versa, catch thieves and command wild animals according to their wish. Every household in this region knows black magic but they won’t expose that to the outsiders (People from other regions) because there is a belief that the power of their spell will get diminished.

Most of them use their magical powers for the welfare of others like curing the diseases, taking poison of snakebites, projecting the future using their spells. Unfortunately, this region is losing its popularity and attention that it should get. So, the most special thing of our country is losing its specialty.

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