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tgblog Jun 27 2017

Wayanad – An ideal place for a perfect week off

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India, known by many as “The Land of Diversity” is well united with its thriving cultures, rich heritages and the vast opinions of fellas. Such a diverse land has put its name atop a lot more diversifications that resembles to a fruit being plucked from a cactus. To put it more clearly, India has nearly 22 hill stations starting from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari that ought to give you a sublime picturesque of nature. And yes who doesn’t like it but which hill station to visit and at what time is the tedious process. So, here in this blog I have mentioned a place in the northeast part of Kerala, a hill station to make your weekend getaway just chilling. For you to have a better understanding of what all places to be covered there, scroll down;

Wayanad                                                                               Wayanad

Wayanad carved from the mountains of Kozhikode and Kannur is a famous hill station across the south and has also gained recent boom in its tourism level as it is at the vertex of both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. So, people from these states also visit this hill station. It is here where you get to see the only pine forest of Kerala, the only Luv Kush temple of Kerala and the other earth dam of India, Banasura Sagar Dam. Chembra peak, Edakkal Caves and Thirunelli Temple are some of the prime scenic locations of this hill station. Edakkal Caves are two caves situated across the giant Western Ghats that holds the scriptings on its walls that is believed to be 6000 years old. Besides these there are also writings describing the Indus Valley Civilisation. When you are here take a pic of you with the paintings that dates back to the Neolithic Man period.

If you are a die-hard adventurous freak and want that adrenaline rush on your trekking then don’t miss out the Chembra Peak that is considered to be the tallest. The major attraction of this place is the heart shaped lake at the foot of the peak that is believed to have never dried up. Finally, the Thirunelli Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. This temple is situated amidst beautiful valleys and mountains where the tranquil environment tends to give you a spiritual feel.

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