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tgblog Feb 07 2018

Want that Adrenaline Rush? Head Here!

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North, South, East or West, anywhere you amble, you will notice scenic palette of landscapes, coverts that lead to anonymous lands, cliques of amalgamated peaks left hanging, and season-based lands though seeming barren turning to magical. All these can only be seen in India- the land which draws tourists all-round the year. On such a land, you might wonder, where the adrenaline rush is. Though there are blankets of greenery to cherish, parks and spas to rejuvenate and pristine shores to merry; there are certain places in our nation that are known largely for giving out such adrenaline rush. To view, what are the places offering such activities, scroll down;

1. Mysore-

Mysore, besides known for the great Tipu Sultan Palace that’s a perfect blend of Gothic and Islamic style architecture, this Southwestern city in Karnataka holds a beautiful botanical garden around it and, several other architectural sites making it the most-visited spot by the tourists. On such a land, the god of all sports, Skydiving is very famous that offers varied options like Tandem, Static and Accelerated Free Fall, all of which are going to scare your wits out. So, head straight if ever you are thinking to experience such feel.

2. Meghalaya-

What thought do you have on caving? If you haven’t yet then reach Ghao and Khasi in the North-eastern state of India- Meghalaya that promises you to offer what you want. Plod through every clique, most-probably the stalagmite formation of sandstone and limestone with a small opening, pool of water to slip, watery roofs, bents and twists and whatnot. All under this one opening. So, hurry up.

3. Rishikesh-

From river- rafting in the treacherous waters to bungee jumping, there are a hell lot of adventurous sports where people seek for an adrenaline rush. Either of the two lovers will have the best time in here. Besides the two, there are other sports like Bike Mountaineering, Cliff Jumping, and Zorbing, all of which are super-exciting.

So, wait no more and head straight to these places coz you are given only one life to live, live it to the utmost. If you are worried about your stay then make an online hotel booking at ticketgoose.com.

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