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tgblog Nov 21 2017

Visit the City of Paddy Fields – Tirunelveli

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Tirunelveli is a city in the Southern part of India and is the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It is situated on the banks of the River Thamirabarani in the west. Some of the industries in Tirunelveli are administrative services, agricultural trading, tourism, banking, agricultural machinery, information technology and educational services. The word Tirunelveli is the combination of three Tamil word Thiru, Nel, Veli which means “sacred paddy hedge”. There are many tourists’ attractions in and around Tirunelveli that pulls in huge visitors to visit this place. To visit this place, you can try ticketgoose.com’s new venture “Superbus” where you can travel with the best operator in luxury coach with affordable price.

Things to do when you visit Tirunelveli are:

Nellaiyapper Temple –This temple is dedicated to the deity Lord Shiva (Nellaiyapper) and his consort Parvati (Kanthimathi) which is situated on the northern banks of the Thamirabarani River in Tirunelveli district. Nellaiyapper Temple is spread over 14 acres and the gopuram of this temple is 850 feet long and 756 feet wide. The important festivals and rituals celebrated in this temple are Navaratri, Tirukkalyanam and ArudaDarisanam.


Agasthiyar Falls –Agasthiyar Falls is also called as Papanasam Falls that is located near Papanasam in Tirunelveli district. It is place where the lake from Thamirabarani River originates and also sage Agasthya saw Lord Shiva in his marriage costume in this place. People can visit this place at any time because the water is from the dam hence it will not be affected by the monsoon winds.


Manimuthar and Papanasam Dams – Manimuthar Dam and Papanasam Dam are located at a distance of 47 km and 49 km from Tirunelveli respectively. Papanasam Dam was constructed by the British government in the year 1942 and it is 744 feet long, 200 feet high and 5.4 meters wide. The total capacity of Papanasam Dam is 5500 million cusec feet. Manimuthar Dam is situated at the foothills of the Podhigai Hills and is built on Thamirabarani River.


Some of the other tourists’ spots are Manimuthar waterfalls, Krishnapuram Temple, Lord Thirukuttralanathar, KappalMatha Church, Kattabomman Memorial Fort and Kalakkadu Sanctuary.

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