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tgblog Aug 18 2016

Unraveling bus journey experience

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We all have a child in us, which often pokes us to do certain fascinating things and the person with a heart of a child can only find thrill in doing. For example; traveling around is one such thrilling hobby, passion, or craze, or obsession for many people like me. I take pleasure in getting away for a short trip almost each weekend. And our country is blessed with stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage edifices, majestic temples, magnificent mountain ranges and much more. There is much to see and explore, and to catch sight of the beauty around by road is just incredible. But many seldom get the chance to relish such fun-filled expeditions in their life.

The standard of living has made this generation run on toes at every step of their life; more and more people have started taking a time off once in a year, and also during weekends for a short trip to spend quality time away from the hectic lifestyle. Who doesn’t like to go on a long trip by car or bike? But then when it comes to safety and fuel while traveling to unraveled route car and bike trip is quite risky. And yes, not to mention we drive or ride whole week to-and-fro. Give yourself a resting weekend, to loosen up from the stress that you go through at work (home/office). Trains and flights are fine when it comes to luxury and comfort. But if you are a road tripper bus travel is the one for you.

I was a puking tank when I was a kid. I could never ever travel by bus, even for a short distance. But as I grew, journey by bus is what I always looked forward. I live in Chennai, and I’ve explored almost each and every part of Tamil Nadu. I still do not hold a driver’s license so going on a solo trip ride or drive out of my option. And I personally do not like the journey by train. Tamil Nadu is the state where bus facility is enormous, it has humongous demand here. Both Govt. and private transport system runs round the clock. There were days, when one had to think over hundred times before traveling by bus, as for many bus journeys was a mess. There are people who are still hesitant toward bus journey. It is agreed that there are certain pointers (no toilet facility, no fixed arrival spot, etc.) that impel many to take a train. But it is no more the same, private buses have stepped ahead with technology. Various private travels like KPN, SRM, Parveen, Kallada, Universal, Rathimeena, etc. have the facility to provide awesome bus journey experience to their passengers.

If anybody noticed, famous blockbuster movies like Bombay to Goa, Honey Travels Pvt. Ltd., were shot on the bus. And why not travel by bus? I love to travel by bus. Buses are so comfy and innovative these days. Passengers can relish all the luxury which we get in train and flight- recliner seat, sleeper seat, blankets for the night journey, radio and TV to keep the travelers entertained. And not to mention, green lush, can witness daily activities on the highways/villages/small towns, stop by and get down to remote places for refreshments, stretch out and breathe fresh air. And the most convenient part of bus travel is that many of these buses drop you right at your destination or at least to the nearest place of your destination.

Let's go on a trip

Let’s go on a trip

So what are you waiting for? Let the child within you savor the loveliness of the road trip. Go to ticketgoose.com and book bus tickets for your destined route/s.

Share with us your best and worst bus travel experiences.


One Response to “Unraveling bus journey experience”
  1. SNEH YADAV says:

    Hey! I love this article especially the line-” I was a puking tank when I was a kid”.

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