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tgblog Jul 13 2018

Try for Adventurous Activities In Mussoorie

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Bored on living or leading your life on the same planet? Common, lets shift to paradise, you might think what the place would be, Am I right? Yup, the paradise is said to be the one and only Mussoorie.The Mussoorie hill station is located in the foothills of  Garhwal Himalayan Range Dehradun district.It is one among many wonderful hill stations and it is known to be the Queen of Himalayan Resources blessed with many adventurous activities like Mountaineering,Rafting, Roller Skating andyou can also taste the Tibetian food over here. Then what else do you want when all you wanted is over here. I couldn’t wait after hearing about Mussourie. Well I am ready,Are you? Join hands, let’s start  exploring  together .


Speak up with the Mountains? Yup,it is possible while having a walk in the Mountain pathways,where you will be mesmerized by the view of the mountains kissing the skies,and you will start speaking to the Mountains and  will fall in love with Nature by having an endless walk in and around landscapes.



Are you strong? If so prove it on climbing rock, and show your fitness ability,and physical strength. Along with Mountaineering, you can also experience caving in the several dark caves which are covered with full of alpine pastures and this caving is a new aspect of adventure,it requires the presence of mind. This adventurous activity will make you to overcome from your fear.  The cost of Mountaineering is 500 INR and for caving, it starts from 3600 INR.



Only the mountain or a plane can touch the skies,Nay! you can also touch the sky by paragliding, you will experience a ride in a two-seater glider which is meant to serve by professional pilots, If you want to gain a thrilling experience on flying try Paragliding and open up your wings and start exploring the Sky.


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