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tgblog Jun 28 2018


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Under the blue oceans of the sky with sun kisses on your face in the valley with full covered costumes you are ready to take a trek to Markha valley, one of the most desired destinations for treks in the Ladakh region. The remoteness of this region draws many trekkers to try out this aisle. These valleys are said to reach far away in Markha which is confined with well-heeled species of flora and fauna and you also can experience the tea house trek which transmits the artistic factors and takes you closer to the Ladakh culture. Do you think it’s an easy trek? Never, coz you should trek under the sun for 60 kilometers by crossing the two Himalayan passes but you will enjoy the trek by the sighting of alluring wildlife on your way. Well, this will be a new kind of experience and its a great chance of learning Ladakhi culture through this trek. It not only shows the landscapes for the trek but also makes us mingle up with the Ladakh culture.

Things you will  Experience Here;

You are about to lose your fear

Stay at the TraditionalLadakhi house

Experience the  Ladakh culture

The crossing of Wild Yaks


You will not realize that you are in India

Ready for a trek to Markha Valley? Let’s pack up and get into the new phase of adventuring life. Worried about stay in Ladakh region? No worries Ticketgoose is there to care for your stay. Make an online hotel booking in ticketgoose.com to have a good stay at an affordable price. The saved memories of yours which are like pearls will break out into chains tomorrow, and keep on counting your pearl story tales to be passed on.

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