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tgblog Mar 31 2017

Travel Insurance- an On-Road Friend

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Travel Insurance is one such aspect that is a must need a feature for all roadies because you never know what could happen to you and not having one means you are dumb. Not only does travel insurance cover your on-road injuries or illness but covers the baggage you take with you, any accidents that might occur or any cancellations that may happen. I, as a travel freak never step out without getting my travel insured coz it was there with me whenever I was in need; when I had gone parasailing, I broke my arm and travel insurance was there to cover all my doctor’s visits and medicines and it was there recently when I had lost my luggage in one of the buses on my way back home.

So, having one will always prove beneficial further making your travel safe but choosing the right one is always necessary and the one which I always look forth and was using from my first travel is Ticketgoose’s (TG) insurance scheme because there are true, reputable, the claims can be processed quickly and they are India’s leading online bus ticketing portal serving millions of passengers. Besides these, the firm holds a courteous staff, who are ready to answer any queries very swiftly. But before choosing any insurance plan, see to it that it covers the following conditions as these might not be important now but when occurred, no parameter should hamper your travel; covers cancellations such as trip or bus bookings covers emergencies, includes personal accidents coverage and includes financial protection for your baggage.

The TicketGoose travel insurance plan which I adopt is appreciably the best offering good coverage limit on medical emergencies and accidents. With TG, get personal accident cover up to Rs. 5L, Baggage loss up to Rs.2000, Emergency medical expenses up to Rs.50000 and Consequential loss up to Rs.5000.  At last, never relate travel insurance to health insurance as it is for the accidents that might happen in your travel and before it is too late, opt for TicketGoose travel insurance scheme and travel safely.

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