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tgblog Jun 27 2018

Top Spots in Northern India!

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Northern India is a part of our nation that always has a lot of visitors visiting from all around the globe and cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Lucknow will always see visitors thronging in here and why wouldn’t one coz of the enchanting destinations these hold off right from the magnificent glory of culture and tradition to the opulence to the delicacies that are mouth-watering to the great legacies during the historic era, all are worth a visit. So, a place which is worth in a lifetime ought not to be missed and hence pack your bags, book our Outstation Taxis and head to soak yourselves up in the beauty of this region that is encircled with amazing valleys, waterfalls, and beaches. For you wonderful vacation, visit these eye-catchy spots;

  1. Dharamshala-

Dharamshala has become one of the best tourist destinations of all coz of its soothing environ in one’s vacation making it the best place to visit. At the top of the Kangra lies this amazing place that is encompassed by a thick front of deodar cedar trees. Apart from this, the thing that it has amazed all is the seat of the fourteenth Dalai Lama of the Tibetan faction of Buddhism. Also, one can encounter thick pine backwoods, streams, cool sound air, appealing environment, and the snow-covered peaks. This place has to be an ideal spot.

  1. Spiti Valley-

Spiti means a middle land and this valley is located between India and Tibet which is popularly known as little Tibet. It is a desert valley enclosed with gigantic snow clad mountains on all sides based out of the Eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. Also, visit this place to get awe-struck on sightseeing vistas and monasteries that are believed to have been built nearly 1000 years ago, to name some; Dhankar and Lalung.

  1. Chadar- The Frozen River-

Trek to the valleys of Chadar crossing Zanskar deep valleys in the mountains to reach Zanskar River that is frozen. Walk on it to make your dream come true. A story tale that’s unbelievably believable to be recited.

So, when are you starting the trip?

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