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tgblog Nov 20 2018

Top Shopping Spots in Bangalore!

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Shopping has now become a trend amongst the youth and a travel or a vacation has been considered as incomplete if not stepped to shopping destinations. And when you are in the Garden City that is known for its numerous spots then why not make the most of it. For all those shopaholics out there who cannot resist themselves from finding the best attire or jewelry, below is the list of locations that would cater to your need. From junkie clothing to artistic jewelry to artifacts, Bangalore has something for all. So, before you head out, book your bus tickets online at ticketgoose.com and take a glance below to get an idea of where to head first.

  1. Commercial Street-

Commercial Street is one of the most sought-after shopping destinations by travelers as this entire street is known widely for its clothing, accessories and fine jewelry, all at the lowest fares, and if you are a sports lover then you would have to visit this place, no matter what may come as this place holds has some of the greatest shops for sportswear. What one would find interesting here is the lane where one side you will find all kinds of shoes and on the other silver jewelry. Amazing! The shopkeepers would keep the price tag high and it’s all up to how you bargain to avail in cheap prices.

  1. Avenue Road-

Avenue Road in Chickpet is famous for second-hand books with best fares. Whether it is college textbooks or cookbooks or novels, one can find a varied collection of books, all in good condition and at cheap fares. Again, it is up to how you bargain to avail your desired books at a much cheaper fare. Secondly, you can also sell books that are in good condition. Well, apart from books, this road is also famous for DIY projects, fabrics, jewelry, and other craft supplies.

  1. MG Road-

Generally, we know that Bangalore is famous for silk sarees and MG Road in Bangalore is known mainly for silk sarees and handicraft items. I bet ladies would just love it. Other attractive things here are hand painted and hand crafted pots, wall hangings, and cloth decors.

So, do not wait! Hurry up and book bus tickets right away!

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