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tgblog Jan 08 2018

Top Destinations for Surfing!

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Who doesn’t like beaches? Above all, who doesn’t like the adrenaline push on the varied adventurous beach activities, be it paragliding, surfing or any other games elevating the thrill of one. For you to receive the extra pill of ecstasy in the untamed waters of India, I have curated some of the best-surfing destinations in our nation that ought to make your weekend trip the best and electrifying. So, scroll down to look forth the adventure in every beach;

1. Kovalam Beach-

Kovalam, located in the south of Thiruvananthapuram is a small town that is famous for its beach- the well-known Kovalam Beach; the azure shores of the Arabian Sea that makes it more mesmerizing from October to February as it the best time for one to indulge in water activities. Looking for adventure? But an amateur in surfing yet require that spine-chilling experience in water, then this beach should be your first on your bucket list. Here, glide through the shores with the howling of the tourists on seeing your sways.

Kovalam Beach

2. Varkala Beach-

Like a click of Italy, this beach in the Southern part of Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram, along the coast of the Arabian Sea is nothing but a plethora of lush green meadows and cerulean shores embedded with rocky cliffs and a serene environment making it the best place for practicing surfing. Further, the Thiruvamdabi beach; the hub of all adventure sports is one of the cleanest beaches in the country that can give the blissful experience in the unsoiled shores. There is also a Yoga retreat center here which can help you in your meditation.

Varkala Beach

3. Goa-

If your surfboard is on the loft plunged in the dust, then take it soon and wipe it off really fast because this is the idyllic time to head to the vivacious and the magical land of beaches- Goa. The famed Baga Beach is one of the HubSpot’s for surfing and other adventurous activities like parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing and much more.


So, these were just a few amongst the several lists of beach destinations in India that promises to offer you exciting getaway. There is a desire in you to visit but seems a lot of hesitant going around your stay, if that is so then visit ticketgoose.com to book your hotels online to feel the comfort of your home. If you are not aware then all ears here as ticketgoose.com has launched online hotel booking facility to ease the situation of one.

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