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tgblog Jul 12 2014

Ten Travel Tips for the Rains

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Ever dreamt of being in an exotic location, but put it away due to the price factor?  The monsoon season is here, and it is literally raining discount. You can pack your bags and head to a destination of your choice. This may be the time of the year when we all get our raincoats, umbrellas and warm clothing out of the closet, but this is also the season when the landscape turns greener, the rivers and streams that ran dry sparkle with water. And who wouldn’t want to escape from the bustling city during this season?

Photo Courtesy (www.adirondackalmanack.com)

Photo Courtesy (www.adirondackalmanack.com)

Are you planning to pack your bags this monsoon? Here are some simple tips that you need to follow:

Choose your clothes right:

The best clothing during this season is dark-coloured light weight clothes to disguise any muddy stains on either the pants or shirts. I got myself a couple of shorts and knee length cargo pants.

Umbrella is a must:

Never leave the house without carrying an umbrella, rain coat, water-proof jackets, gum boots, floaters and rain-proof shoes. I went for a water-proof backpack, quick dry towel and a hair dryer to dry any wet clothes quickly. A plastic cover is optional to carry a change of dry clothes.

First-aid kit comes handy:

Prevention is better than cure. Always have a small first-aid kit in your bag, which consists of tablets for cold and fever, disinfectants, antiseptic lotions or creams, bandages and a small hand towel.

Beware of mosquitoes:

Carrying mosquito repellants such as Odomos to protect yourself from mosquito bites is a must. Also, if you are to stay in a lodge or a budget hotel, it is safe to include a mosquito net in your bag.

Be careful of your food intake:

Remember to always eat in hygienic and clean restaurants and drink only bottled water. Resist the urge to try any tempting street food during this season as this is unhygienic and harmful to the body.

Photo Courtesy (www.online.wsj.com)

Photo Courtesy (www.online.wsj.com)

Plan your itinerary well:

Make a detailed itinerary and research about the destination, the route and weather before making your trip. This will help you to get ready for any challenge that might leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere in the rain.

Bus or car – choose your options:

Be it travelling in a hired or your own vehicle; ensure there are necessary spares readily available in case of emergencies.

What to do in an emergency:

Keep emergency numbers handy to reach out for help in any flooded or disastrous region en route to your destination. Also keep phone numbers of friends in the region (if any) so you can reach out to them for help. Give the details of your hotel, where you are putting up to your family members.

Advance booking:

Booking travel tickets and hotel accommodations in advance will ensure that your reservation is confirmed and enable you to avoid last minute rush.

Skin care & hygiene:

Using a skin moisturiser and necessary face creams enables the skin to breathe and hydrate itself. Immediately change into dry clothing after getting wet to avoid body fungal infections and cold.

These points are easy to follow and will not make a hole in your pocket. So, go ahead and enjoy the rain till it lasts in your preferred destination.

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