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tgblog Mar 27 2014

Top 10 Tips for Bus Travel

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Every day thousands of people travel either for business or pleasure. But how many of you really check whether you have taken everything that is required during or after the travel?

We at TicketGoose.com – Online Bus Booking, would like to assist our customers with checklists for all types of travelers: From general to business, from NRIs to groups, single lady passenger, pregnant women to babies and aged people.

Check list

Travel Light

For frequent travelers, it is a good idea to keep a checklist and a travel bag ready. This will save time and eliminate your chances of forgetting something important.

Pack your luggage in a systematic way so that your clothes will remain wrinkle-free.

Avoid keeping bottles containing liquids in between your clothes. In case it spills, your clothes will be ruined.

All your toiletries should be in a proper toiletry bag before you put it in your luggage.

Try and include clothes which you can mix and match. Do not forget your important documents, CDs and files.  Remember to lock all your bags. Make sure that you have the following in your handbag:

  • Carry enough cash and also your credit and debit cards, with your contact details, address and photograph.
  • You must not forget your driving license or any photo identify card. Journalists, police officers or defense personnel should ensure that their identity cards are in their wallets.
  • Cell phone
  • Plan your itinerary well. It should have the bus timings, meeting schedules and any other social gatherings.
  • Appointments should be taken in advance. You should also have ample time to refresh yourself in between the meetings.
  • Do not forget to confirm your business meeting and send a reminder before you take-off. Also, rescheduling any of your meetings should be avoided.
  • After you arrive in the city, you should know where to head to. Therefore, confirm the address beforehand.

Ensure your safety

A map will come in handy in case you are in an unfamiliar city. The area recognition code on your mobile phone should be turned on (all service providers have the facility). This will ensure that you know where you are heading while you are in a cab or an auto. (GPS is indeed an advantage)

Be Careful With Your Money

In case you get cash from your firm before your trip, be cautious with it. Keep them in separate places, instead of stashing them away together.

Get Into a Good Hotel

Before you check in to your hotel, ensure that it has all its security system intact with easy accessibility of public transport. Avoid hotels that are remotely located.

After you check in, ensure that all the doors and windows are securely locked; the phone in the room is working with proper hotel directory. In case you have a visitor, check through the peephole before opening the door.



 Follow your Dos and Don’ts when you are abroad. Be in touch with your host at all times.


Travelling with your family would be the safest. In case you are travelling solo, inform your family in advance.





Single Lady Passenger
Before you travel alone, always make sure that your close family members and friends know where you are. Keeping them updated constantly about your itinerary will help.

Mobile Apps like VithU, which is an emergency App, is a great boon for women. If you click the power button of your Smartphone twice consecutively, it will send out alert messages every two minutes to your contacts that you had fed into the App as your guardians.

The receiver/s will get the message: “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” They will get a link to your updated location every two minutes.





This app can be installed in all smart phones. (We pray, that you never get a chance to use this app)

Pregnant Women


This is a very critical period of your life, so you must always exercise caution whether you are at home, in the office or travelling.

Every woman will go through different trimester during pregnancy. Consult your doctor if you have to travel, especially if it is a long distance journey. In case there are any complications, be very cautious before you embark on your journey.

The ideal time for any long distance travel during your pregnancy is during the second trimester. During this period, in most cases, people may have overcome the morning sickness that they had experienced in the first trimester. The third trimester or the later stages of pregnancy should be spent close to home in case of any emergency.

  • Ensure that all the necessary documents or information of your pregnancy is with you.
  • Make sure that you have an Insurance Policy on travel when you are pregnant.
  • All your medicines must be in place.
  • Meals should be light and healthy.
  • You should have sufficient time to relax.

When you have a baby on board: 

Traveling with a baby may seem cumbersome, especially when it comes to packing. We bring you a checklist, which will help you reduce your stress levels. Here’s a list of essential items that we have used during our travel:

Checklist while travelling with ToddlersWe hope that the checklists and tips are useful.
How was your travel experience? You can share them with us along with your tips and suggestions.


3 Responses to “Top 10 Tips for Bus Travel”
  1. Sunil says:

    Very useful tips!

  2. Satya Raj says:

    I am a markerting Manager, I travel monthly twice, the checklist for business travelers is very useful..Good job!

  3. Sudharsan says:

    Excellent. I will keep this article bookmarked to refer whenever I travel… 🙂

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