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tgblog Aug 02 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel in a Bus

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When it comes to choosing between a bus and a train journey, many of us are always in a dilemma. For quite a few, I may call them a silent majority, train journeys are far more suitable than a bus journey. However, as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, it would be incorrect if we were to be judgemental about buses. In this article, I would like to look from a traveller’s perspective on why I would go with a bus rather than a train, at least when it comes to places within the state or nearby.

Bus passing the National Highway.

Reason No. 1 – The Ticket Factor

There was a time, when travelling by flight was consiered as something ‘elite’. As for travelling by train, given the rush at tatkal queues, slow websites, broker-appeasements and other tiresome processes, train tickets are almost unreachable for the common man. In sharp contrast, a bus ticket is now readily available with numerous bus operators to choose from. That too, it is just a phone call away.

Reason No. 2 – No Fights over Seats

In buses, whether A/C or non-A/C, you select a seat, book it and it is yours. Whereas in trains, you book a seat and there are times when you will be surprised to find a couple of other folks who claim it to be theirs. To make matters worse, sometimes they seem to have the same seat number allotted to you. If a TT is not around to resolve the matter, fights can turn ugly too.

Reason No. 3 – No Trespassing

In buses, at least the reputed ones, there is no scope for picking up wayfarers paving the way for extra bucks. Once boarding is complete, doors are shut to undesirable people as well as ticketless travelers.

Reason No. 4 – Enjoy a Movie on the Go

Bus Travel at its best.

 Tired of charging your laptops and then watching a movie while lying down? Uncomfortable with envious eyes staring at you? You can afford to relax in buses, with a common screen for all. These days there are sleeper buses that have a separate screen for each person. You can comfortably lie down and enjoy your favourite movie.

Reason No. 5 – No Queues for Charging

You do not need to stand in queues at boarding points when it comes to charging your mobile phones. Nowadays, a lot of buses are well equipped with individual charging points for travelers.

Reason No. 6 – Restroom Factor

It’s so nice and convenient having a restroom onboard, right? But there are a couple of reasons which are unpleasant to me at least – the moving train, the unhygienic conditions and the stench. With buses, you are assured to get a proper and static restroom whenever it stops.

Reason No. 7 – Interruption-Free Travel

Unlike a train, a bus will not usually stop for a few minutes (sometimes even hours) in order to let another bus pass. This may sometimes occur if you are on the narrow and hilly roads of the Himalayas or the North-East. Now with excellent expressways and good highways in the country, travel is usually interruption-free.

Reason No. 8 – ‘Professionals’ Not Always Needed

If there is a railway line derailment, pray that professionals reach the spot on time. With buses, minor factors which may halt a progress such a wayward fallen tree, can be easily addressed by the bus staff and passengers alike.

Reason No. 9 – Not too Many Over-smart Fellows

In a bus, you need not bother about people or the older generation asking you odd questions, asking you to adjust luggage or switch seats. You just sit comfortably behind someone without being bothered or irritated.

Reason No. 10 – Embark, Disembark Wherever You Feel

A route passes right in front of your house or flat? If you are in a bus, you can easily be the decider. The situation in a train is slightly different. Even if your place is nearby, you will have to get down at the next station. Unless you decide to pull the chain like in movies.

Are these reasons good enough to make you take the bus next time? If you are travelling by bus make sure you check out for your tickets at www.ticketgoose.com.

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