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tgblog Mar 07 2018

Tom’s Women’s Day- Travel Solo!

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Wow, yet another year to celebrate the most beautiful day on earth; “Women’s Day”. Gracious, kind, strong-willed, thoughtful and serene is what a woman is. A woman is said to be one of the most beautiful creations in the world and deserves everything that she wishes for and, if it is travel then she need not ask anyone for their permission coz it is her right to travel. We all would have watched Kangana’s movie- Queen and that has become an inspiration for every woman to travel alone. But, your safety is what we consider. On the view of this aspect, we have certain tips written below to keep in mind before a solo travel;

1. Travel during the Day-

Women solo travel
Whenever you plan for a trip out, see to it that you embark your travel during the day because we all know that most of the mishaps happen during the night and why to give chance on our own when we know what’s on the other end. So, see to it that your safety is met during a start and, in case you are traveling at night, make all arrangements for a reliable mode of transport. If it is a train, book cabins which you can lock from the inside.

2. Collect Information-

Research should be the prime aspect of your travel and the more the amount of information you collect, the more the safe you are, coz before you head to any destination it is mandatory that you have a repository of the entire whereabouts of the place coz one may not know what mishap would happen on enquiring with the locals, though not all are the same. Make a note of all the places to be visited near the spot and also jot down any nearest restaurants or hotels from the map.

3. Stay in Touch-

Solo Travel
It’s fine traveling solo but it is also advisable that you stay in touch with any one of your family members so that they would at least know where you are. If you think keeping your friends or family informed is a wise decision then either activate any roaming plans for your sim or buy a new sim in the place where you visit.

Well, there are a lot more safety measures to consider; those mentioned above are the prime ones. Also, make sure that you make an online hotel booking only at ticketgoose.com coz that’s the best portal for you to experience double the comfort.

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