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tgblog Dec 11 2017

Tis Winter, Head to your Dream Destination!

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It’s winter, the time has come again; festive spirits, chilling nights, coffee and pakoras. It’s your choice whether you want to kick-start to your favorite destination this winter from your dreary routine or ring the Christmas bells at your place. If you are an ardent traveler, ready to bump in the cab and head but, searching for a nice place to give life to your camera lens, then stay tuned, coz today, I have handpicked certain destinations that would cover your reverie of celebrating with great vehemence this Christmas.


Top- notch location for nature lovers, if you are ever in search of serenity then head to this oasis of tranquillity amidst the thickets of the lush greenery of the Garo- Khasi hills in the capital town of Meghalaya. From this hill, at a distance of 12kms there is Elephant Falls that would mesmerize you with its spurting flow of water from the head of the peak and, a Lewdeh Market, where one can easily figure out the culture of this place with the type of stalls erected.


It is one of the quintessential towns of West Bengal that is also called as the Land of the Kanchenjunga. A place of snow- clad peaks sighting a stunning look from a distance with a blanket of green prairie greased and rolled over a sloping hill that’s spoken widely for its tea plantations and the beautiful orchids. Besides nature’s beauty, there is one more spot to feel the vibe of this place; Chowrasta also called The Mall where you can find the handcrafted articles that wouldn’t resist you from buying.


Just like the tales of the Arabian Nights and the sparkling domes of the palaces, a minute shining town resides amidst the never-ending sandstorm of the huge Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Here, visit the spectacular Sonar Qilla that portrays the ancient look of havelis and palaces that was once used and still used by many tribes. Get along with the clan of ethnic people and learn how their culture is different from yours.

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