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tgblog Aug 08 2014

Tips on how to pack light

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When it comes to packing our bags before any journey, we always tend to overstuff with clothes, toiletries and little nick-knacks that we end up bringing back without using them during our trip. Packing light is an art that we need to learn. By carrying less you will save a lot of money as you can easily hop on a bus instead of hiring a cab; you also do not need to pay extra for your luggage if you are taking a flight or a train. Here are a few tips that will help you pack light and enjoy your mobility throughout your journey.

• Make a list of what you exactly think you will need. Spread out all the things from the list and ask yourself whether you will really need all of them. Don’t think of “what ifs”. You will end up packing the unnecessary ones. Only if you think you are going to use it, keep  it aside.
• Choose only those clothes and shoes that you can coordinate well with almost anything you are carrying. A pair of jeans and 4 to 5 T-  shirts or tops will work fine if you are on a vacation.
• Merino wool clothes work both ways. Even if you are going to a summer destination, it will keep you cool and in a chilly place it will  keep you warm.
• Synthetic or quick-drying materials will occupy less space in your suitcase/backpack. Not only that, if you need to do your laundry  while travelling, it can be easily dried and used instantly. Carrying laundry detergent will help.
• Consider the wearability of the clothes as well. You should be able to wear them more than once without washing. The fact is, it  should not smell.
• Even if you are travelling for a month or so, pack only for a week. You can easily get your laundry done.

• Wear the heavier clothes instead of packing them.
• While packing, place your clothes vertically. This will help you to fold the clothes better and you will also see the odd one out and can remove the useless ones.
• Rubber bands come in handy while folding your clothes. Of course, your bag won’t be lighter, but you will be able to fit in all the necessary items besides keeping your bag neat. Best is to roll them and tie with a rubber band.
• Carrying toiletries from shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen and moisturizer is a waste of space and they can spill. You can easily get them at the hotel or better still buy it from your destination.
• Towels occupy a lot of space. Do not carry them. Use from the hotel or carry those traditional towels that are lightweight.
• Instead of carrying bulky guidebooks, download it on your mobile. It can come very handy.
• Carry a small bag or a backpack that will let you carry only minimum things.

Pack light and leave room for new clothes and souvenirs. Don’t leave room for regret at the end of the journey by wishing you had packed light.

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