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tgblog Jul 07 2017

These Skydiving Places Ought 2 Increase UR Adrenaline Volumes!!!

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You must have heard about this, “Life is a one time offer, use it the way you wish to”. Life like a braided hair has so many twists and turns which one can ever think about but won’t you ever want to try out those adrenaline rushes in you at least once in a lifetime. There are a lot of sports that would make you feel the rush you desire of and one such is “Skydiving”, the most popular and well-liked sport where you can experience the gravity float, free fall or more peculiarly, a zealous risk taking activity. Thus, here are the top three drop-zones of our nation to encounter the never want-to-end feel.
1. Mysore, Karnataka

Fly like a bird with a bird’s eye keen on noting the tiny earth from far above the ground with a force of gravity never letting you touch the ground and a parachute tied around in helping you take you to all corners of the world. Yes, it is here where you can explore varied jumps for enthusiasts, to name some; Tandem Jump, Static Line 1 Jump, Static Line 4 Jump, Hop and Pop Jumps.

2. Pondicherry

This is an another location where people have been seen participating in the feetless sport; Skydiving. Known mainly for the French Colonial Empire, this place has been conducting skydiving camps since 2012 and it is here which holds the record of highest footfall every year. So, do you not want to feel what is it all about?

3.Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

A yet another location for a free fall sport. If you a freaky adventure seeker looking for a mind-blowing and exotic game to feel the thrust of fear and excitement in you then look no beyond than this place as it is known to offer 10,000 feet high Tandem Jumps where thrilling and celebration would go hand in hand.

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