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tgblog Mar 06 2018

These Shops in Hyderabad are meant for Pearls!

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Hyderabad, call it the Information Technology hub or the centre of artistic excellence; right from the legendary tales of the Mughals invasion and the land famed for its pearls to the historic monuments backed by the ingenious sculpture art and everyone’s most loved and lip-smacking culinary delights, this city boasts of its richness, and why wouldn’t it? Every testimonial that is magnificently designed, landscapes that are coated in eminence and cuisines that are wrapped in the mere Mughali style, Hyderabad is indeed a prominent destination for weekend getaways. Besides the spots that it draws tourists’ to, this land of the Nawabs is a repository of jewelry shops with a set of pearls ranging from thousands to lacs and more and if you are here to purchase some; then miss not these places;

1. Begum Bazaar-

The name says it all- an ideal spot for household commodities. It is said that this market was gifted by Humda Begum to the merchants for carrying out their trade and commerce activities and hence, this place was named after her. Established during the Qutb Shahi rule, this is bliss for pearl and varied brassware sets. One can find the authenticity in the sets and can get it at a discounted and best price too. Apart from the gem, this land is also known for other produce like fresh fish, household items, perfumes and dry fruits. Make yourself available between 9 am to 10 pm to search for some of the pearls.

2. Pot Market-

If you are looking for such piece of jewelry that is unique and made from genuine and cultured pearls, then a visit to Pot Market will be an ideal stop. Some of the well-known shops here are Arihant Pearls, Manyang Jewellers, and Jagadamba Pearls, though the designs ought to impress you, the fares are a tad high and the reason which goes to its intricacy. Further, if you are in search of buying some well-look attire then this spot will not let you down coz it is dotted with several boutiques that hold gorgeous and fascinating collection of dresses.

Pearl set
3. Patterghati-

It is this market that is famous amongst all the other in the entire city of Hyderabad that can be seen bustling with a hefty number of pearl shops. Next to the Madina market, one can find a reliable collection of pearl sets that range from Rs.100 to over thousands and the best part is that you can even bargain too.

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