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tgblog Aug 10 2017

These Places Shouldn’t be MISSED on our Independence Day!

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After 100 years of tough fight against the British, the thirst of freedom and the ebullience of happy patrons on smelling their own land was at last attained. The credit of which goes to our beloved and ever-strong freedom fighters who had never bothered about their lives but indeed wanted every other individual to live in their land with equality and peace. Thus, as a tribute to all those fighters who sacrificed themselves for our well-being, this month’s 15th is commemorated as Independence day all over India. So, get along with me in my time travel across various cities to unveil what happened where;

1. India Gate, New Delhi

If it is a trip to India then one would never miss the India Gate. Located in the city of Delhi, this monumental architecture not only grabs the attention of many but also is a war memorial which holds the names of 82,500 soldiers who died in the first world war and on the North-West frontier. There is also an immortal soldier flame under the archway which stands for the martyrs of India. On this day’s celebrations one has to be here. You can book your tickets in Mewar Travels, Ashok Travels REGD and Shrianth Travel Agency for experiencing a comfortable trip.

2. Netaji Bhawan

In the Kolkata city of mother India is the Netaji Bhawan or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s residence where he was put under house arrest and depicts how he fought for the nation’s freedom and how he escaped from here to Berlin. At present, it is a library with a museum as well. Your journey to this place can be made in Royal Cruiser Travels.

3. Gandhi Ashram

A great social worker, Mahatma Gandhi is known for his activities in the freedom movement. His 12 years of his life had been spent in this ashram where the most popular movements like Satyagraha, Civil Disobedience and Swadeshi had gained momentum. Located in Ahmedabad, this place allows visitors to get a thorough idea of his values and philosophy. Take a ride in Paulo Travels, MR Travels Company and VRL Travels for discovering more about this place.

So, our time travel comes to an end right here!

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