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tgblog Aug 06 2018

These Experiences in Gujarat are not to be Missed

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Starting from the Birth of Mahatma Gandhi to the historic Dandi March of 1930, Gujarat holds many ancient monuments that play a major role in India. The state is collapsed with traditional values with cultural and geographical diversity thus making Gujarat, one of the popular tourist places in the country. Don’t miss out to try these experiences in Gujarat. Take a look below to know more about Gujarat.


One of the largest cities in the state of Gujarat, get sacred in Sabarmati River and get your sins washed away. On the western bank is the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati which displays the religious leader’s living quarters and articrafts. You can also find Calico Museum of textiles across the river that holds unique fabric collections and the cost of shopping over here is cheaper. You can also find the different food stalls in Ratri Bazaar.

A Feast of Festivals  

Gujarati Cuisine is famous across India for its abundant spices and different flavours. The street food vendors go into overdrive on all the festivals and none misses the grand Navaratri festival that takes place in the month of September or October. Hindu devotees will perform mass dances to honour the nine incarnations of the goddess Durga and they also serve special Guajarati dishes made without meat or grains. The kite festival in Uttarayan Kite Festival is another extraordinary festival filling the skies colourfully. You can also find different foodstuffs during the festival.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park also known as Sasan Gir is the only remaining home of Asiatic lions in the wild. It is one of the most important protected areas for wildlife in Asia. The only access to the park is via authorised safari booked in advance.If you are lucky you may spot agile chinkaras, spotted deer, large antelopes, and elusive jaguars. Get thrilled on by having these different experiences of spotting animals on their way.

Craft Villages of Kutch

One of India’s richest areas for handicrafts and it is known to be a treasure trove of hidden gems. It holds around 969 villages as their home where it has a diverse culture and craft. Traditional handicrafts specially made by artisans are the big trademark of Kutch. You can also spot living and learning design center crafts museum which is about the region’s creativity. So don’t miss to try experience over here and get back home with unique handicrafts items.

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