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tgblog Jan 18 2018

The Switzerland of India- Dalhouise!

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Widely known as the Switzerland of India; Dalhousie, a quaint town in the state of Himachal Pradesh is built atop five hills: Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota and Bhangora post the annexation of the Sikh Empire Punjab. The etymology goes this way; this hill station is named after the most-powerful British Governor General- Lord Dalhousie who converted this hill station as British summer retreat. Nestled well between the snow-capped peaks and enticing natural beauty, this place stands tall at an altitude of 1900m above the sea level, chanting scenic views of the picturesque landscape and majestic British mansion.

One can sense an air of ancient charm in here that also lets you experience the exhilaration of the pictorial destinations elevating the senses of rejuvenation in you, thus making hoards and hoards of crowds thronging in here. Besides being at the top of the list in terms of serenity, this is also a trove of ancient culture, handicrafts, and temples. So, just now stop taking a stroll in the woods, instead visit these places as well;

1. Satdhara Falls-

Satdhara Falls, as the name suggests is an amalgamation of seven streams situated at a height of 2035 meters above the sea level, thus making it the best destination to visit with your friends or family. This waterfall in this region is said to have healing powers and medicinal values that people still believe its existence in it. Further, some of the attractions of this place include; sight-seeing, photography and as a picnic spot.

2. Laxmi Narayana Temple-

Built by the Kings of Chamba in the Shikhara Style, this temple is one of the fascinating spots to be visited in Dalhousie. This temple is dedicated to two deities- Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu making it as one of the remarkable and best places of worship in this locality. It will be open from 6 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening.

3. Tibetan Market-

Who doesn’t like shopping? And when everything you get is handcrafted then who would resist our spirit of shopping? True, get well- designed and beautifully crafted jewelry, best-in-class carpets that are all souvenirs which you would be taking home. So, let this be on your bucket list.

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