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tgblog Aug 03 2019

The rise of cricket and the birth of TGPLCricket, cricketfans, cricketstadium, CSK, IPL, sachin, watchcricket

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Much has been said about Indian sports in general and cricket in particular since it outranks in popularity, mass appeal and that undoubtedly makes it a moneyspinner. Now, a sport, for the love of it, shouldn’t be exploited plainly for its ability to raise money. But, having said that, unless the said sport is able to be monetised, it won’t gather traction either. Which brings us to the dynamics that have governed the way cricket has evolved over the years.


The game as we know it, has been played initially in the form of Tests and that was many decades ago when people had the time, patience and the discerning eye to watch, admire and analyse the match’s outcome and turning points. What that goes on to prove is that cricket as a game has been a topic of discussion among the countries that were once British colonies and where cricket was introduced. Thereon, cricket has seeped and ingrained itself into the culture and mores of the respective cricketing nations. Boardroom analogies are incomplete without a hint or terminology that doesn’t tie it back to the game. The sport of cricket has been introduced 

If one were a cricketer of some stature, one would be an eligible bachelor, who will have a fan following and anxious autograph seekers at hotel lobbies and airports. Being thronged at any public event for photo-ops and the like. Given the public image that is automatically attached, one tends to have another shot at fame by way of lucrative commercial endorsements across all mediums. This being a team sport has also given rise to the women’s team being equally appreciable in their performances as a world force in overseas tournaments. Seldom has this been the case with any other team sport in India. Given that there have been world beaters in individual sporting disciplines in tennis, athletics, badminton and so on and so forth. 

The prevalence of cricket over other games has also given rise and paved the path for mobile gaming consoles and live scoring apps. The proliferation of which has captured the imagination of the audience at large and gamers in particular and has been . Now, you can truly be an armchair cricketer whatever the weather outside. Even the paucity of open spaces in everyday conditions to knock a few balls and hit a boundary has been overcome with mobile gaming answering the call. What’s more, the emergence of OTT as the medium of choice among millennials and the flexibility it offers to viewers has caught on well on the viewership front adapting well to the transition.                                                                                                                                                                    tgpl

This brings us to TGPL aka TicketGoose Premier League! It is a one-of-a-kind mobile cricket game. In fact, it can stake claim in being India’s first virtual cricket strategy game. The APK introduced in the third week of June has been warmly received as the new and prized addition in smartphones in Tamil Nadu, at present. Where the game excels is in the scope for strategy that it offers unlike other such offerings flooding the app market. Now, mind you, it’s not a fantasy game and we mentioned virtual” which means the players are fictional which makes the challenge unique and interesting as ever. You, as a team owner, now have a squad of players who can be trained, upskilled and made more evolved as you progress in the league. TGPL will go on to progress into an eSport in the coming years and the game is set to evolve in stages. Like they say about wine and alcohol, as it ages, the taste and appreciation increases in the eyes of the connoisseur – here being avid gamers and newer entrants who take to TGPL as a fish to water.

Hope you had a good time reading the blog and have become better informed about the TGPL game from ticketgoose.com . If you have any doubts, do please write to us and we will have themclarified for you! Keep playing and keep winning TGPL. Cheers!

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