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tgblog Jan 08 2018

The Mystery behind the Chottanikkara Temple!

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The moment I think of this temple to write, I just go spine-chilled, and wonder what look is it going to pose on your face? Well, not many know about the Chottanikkara Temple but those who are aware of it will not give any chance of disgracing it, coz of the powers this temple holds. Though the temple is a Hindu shrine of Goddess Shakti, the deity worshipped in here changes on varied times of the day; Goddess Saraswati in the morning, Lakshmi at noon and Durga in the evening. But amongst all these, in the Kizhukkaavu part of the temple, is the fiercest deity of all, the Mahakali, the exorcist Goddess who is known to fight our inner demons.


Yes, you have heard it right, in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, Sri Chottanikkara Temple is not only a shrine but a place of exorcism and healing. Though many legendary tales roar about this place, the actual existence or how was it known to all still remains a mystery. People who are possessed or mentally ill visit this Goddess to use the adjunct therapy or varied ailments for their cure. Usually, those with inner demons are called in during nights where Valiya Guruthi Pujas are performed, the idol is cleansed with lemon and turmeric and Vedas are chanted so that they get healed on hearing the sound.

Pala Tree

Now comes the terrifying part, the Pala Tree where the people who are freed from demons are asked to hit the nail on the trunk of the Pala Tree with their heads where the Pineal gland is located. They should keep piercing it in such a way that the nail is correctly imbibed on its trunk. Those who wish to stay a bit longer in this temple can opt for the Bhajanam Puja where they will be guided on their prayers and diets.

The temple is thus known for this mighty reason that helps in easing one’s difficulty in life. So, take a ride by booking in TicketGoose online taxi booking portal; Outstation Taxi and witness what’s happening there?

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