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tgblog Feb 22 2018

The Match Dates are Out!

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IPL is the only such sport in our nation that is devoid of any caste, creed or religion and where all can be seen celebrating the event no less than a saga. With a hefty number of teams participating, the most-favorite ones vary from individual to individual and if someone’s desired squadron is CSK then without any hesitation, head to ticketgoose.com to book your match tickets and bus tickets to Chennai in our SportzBuses. If you are wondering what is this facility; then a short brief-

CSK match list

                                                                                                                    Image Source- Google.com

SportzBus is a dream bus for all those who dream to visit Chepauk to watch their loving team-CSK play all its matches live, and to make this facility possible for all, the firm has decided to offer several packages that are inclusive of bus tickets from Trichy, Madurai, and Coimbatore, match tickets, food, entertainment, refreshments and stay if needed, all at lower cost. So, with such an astonishing service, one must not miss it. The news is that the match dates for CSK are out. I know you all are super-excited but hold on to it coz we always come with something special every time we see you.

Its schedules lasting from April 7th to May 20th, CSK shall be seen in a full battleship in the pitch, with every player on their jersey possessing great leadership skills, attitude and with a motto to only win. Returning after a ban of two years, CSK will be seen in full force to light the flame of victory once again. With a fierce to move towards the end and hold the cup in their hands is going to be the pivotal role of the squad, and with skipper like M.S.Dhoni beside, it surely going to be the King Night every match.

So, miss this service not and enjoy every moment in your life cheering for CSK .

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