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tgblog Jan 10 2018

The Massive Giant has Returned!

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IPL 2018, the season much awaited by all coz of the entry of one of the most-desired and gigantic teams of the era; CSK. After a ban of two years from Indian Premier League, this team has indeed made it to this year’s IPL that though is on time but for all, it seems to be an early bird. From the team’s entry to Dhoni naming as the skipper to the arrival of yet another massive person; Suresh Raina to the team, this news has left the people joyful and jocund.

The auction and the retention had indeed caused a chaos in the hearts of the many thinking on which all players the CSK team will retain prior to the IPL season. The franchise had a tough time deciding the third player to retain after Dhoni and Jadeja but thinking the power of the trio, they thought it is better Suresh Raina be in the lot. You might be wondering why? Why is he called the latest firebrand cricketer of India? It is all because of the thrilling, dedicated, confident, and fearless and a covert of talent character of his that has given him so much success.

Suresh Raina

Besides all these, he has indeed carved a niche in the cricket field with every strike of his going in the air for a six, his smooth and cozy character even when put under pressure and the master of finishing an over. The same pace of his can be seen even while he is fielding or bowling. So, true to one’s heart, he is a gem in cricket drawing all towards his match.

With great news on his return to CSK team this IPL, who doesn’t wish to visit Chepuak to witness the game live. So, to make this process easeful and for you to enjoy uncompromised fun with your friends, TicketGoose has come up with SportzBus, a dream bus that takes you to Chepauk.

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