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tgblog Mar 21 2018

The Itinerary 4 Longest Weekend- Decoded

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If there is anything more juvenile than what one could sense in a lifetime is only “The Travel” which would make people think as a savior from their mundane routine and as a catalyst for rejuvenation. Rightly said by quite a lot of them; “Travel makes one modest, leaves one speechless and turns them to a storyteller”, so, what more does one need to get satisfied on the thought that it is the travel that revolves around every aspect and, on this month’s longest weekend, book an outstation taxi and head to these enchanting destinations;

Day1- Valparai

From Coimbatore to Valparai: 109km

If you are in Coimbatore then you can choose your first spot to be Valparai- Residing atop the Western Ghats, carpeting different shades of green on the top of the mountain and with the mists playing around its top, Valparai is engulfed with rich biodiversity, waterfalls, tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers and placid destinations to cater to. Called as the seventh heaven of Tamil Nadu, make your drive eloquently through lush jungles covering nearly 40 hairpin bends and finally reaching the spot so desirable. Spend a day here sight-seeing and then head to Palakkad. But wait, if you are thinking to visit Pollachi then do not miss the very famous Monkey and Aliyur Falls.

Day2- Palakkad

From Valparai to Palakkad: 117km

Palakkad located at the base of the Western Ghats and near the very famed Palghat gap, this place acts as a gateway to Kerala holding small and medium tributaries of the river Bharathapuzha that offers several natural and man-made locations to unravel creating a keen interest in one. First amongst all is the most renowned Malampuzha Dam that is the largest reservoir of water in the state of Kerala apart the few others. Other destinations include the Palakkad Fort constructed by Hyder Ali in the year 1766, wildlife sanctuaries like the Silent Valley Park, Attapady Hills, and Parambikulam. Most people prefer this location to get them indulged in the varied picnic spots and gardens that are in close proximity to the dam thereby making the site charismatic.

Day3- Thrissur

From Palakkad to Thrissur: 69km

Thrissur Temple
Thrissur, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Cochin is now made the cultural capital of Kerala because of the cultural, religious and spiritual importance specified through the years of learning. Also, this city in the Southern state has become a hub of religious activity due to the vast number of temples and churches residing in here. Well, there are other spots like Kollengode Palace, Vilangan Hills, and Thekkinkadu Maiden that all just adds charm to this destination.

So, what is it that is stopping you? Head soon!

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