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tgblog Aug 01 2018

The hidden Paradise In Northeast-Mawlynnong

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Welcome to the Paradise of Meghalaya, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya is one of the must-visit interesting places in India and it is blessed with the charm in northeast India. Because of its cleanliness, it is recognized as one of the cleanest villages in Asia. The place is filled with interesting people, fascinating culture and the eco-friendly village community which will teach you some amazing lessons in life. The charming paradise of the town will be more refreshing to our mind. Are you aware of living root bridge? You can find a living root bridge found only in Meghalaya, it’s quite interesting to cross the root bridges of Mawlynnong. Sure, you will stroll in Mawlynnong and you never come back once you get there. Common let’s take a round to this cleanest village, its a pure bliss.

Cleanliness is not their habit, but their culture

                                                                                                   Living Root Bridge

Riwai Village

Deep within the forest, a small War-Khasis tribal village named Riwai has a 170 years old bridge made of roots to cross the flowing river water. The tribals in Meghalaya took to this natural method of growing their own bridges with the help of roots called Ficus Elastica to cross the river beds. Imagine, walking on a suspension living root bridge in the middle of the forests and the transparent water, beneath is a sight will be cherished forever. Ofcourse, it all happens only in this place called Mawlynnong.

Fill your life with adventures, not things.

Riwai Village


One of the most beautiful destinations which is said to be the wonderland of Meghalaya. It is also known as the cleanest river, that is said to be the major fishing spot for fisherman of both Meghalaya and Bangladesh. You can find the crystal clear water by looking down and you will realize  “sometimes magic lies right beneath our feet and we fail to see it“.You might have the vibrant and enchanting Dawki with the golden hour in the month of October to March.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Dwaki River

Go out, explore, lose your way and be more, it’s time for you to take a walk in this land of paradise and discover the breathtaking beauty of India’s north-eastern region. So start exploring this heavenly land by booking bus tickets online in ticketgoose.com which is said to be one of the leading bus portals in India.


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