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tgblog Jan 31 2018

The Goa Carnival to be Your Next Stop!

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If you are wondering, the upcoming months; February and March are going to be the dreariest months of the year then you are going to prove yourself wrong coz the much-awaited and fascinating event, “The Goa Carnival” is gearing up its pace. From Vasco to Mapusa to Margao and Panim, Goa will reflect its true colors and tradition during this festival which will be celebrated by the Goans with great vehemence. The 2018 Carnival float parade from 10th to 13th of February will encapsulate the fun, color, food, and merrymaking that would flounce away the charm and charisma making the place lively and vibe-filled.

Goa festival

We all know that Goa is tantamount to fun and entertainment and, the culinary delights are no doubt a testament to Goa being a conservative nation, highly influenced by the Portuguese during their reign. One such identity that the Portuguese have left behind besides the beautiful colonial architecture is this four day Carnival festival that will be commemorated in the true Goan style. This attracts not only the locals but tourists from all over the world to see how India’s Mardi Gras looks like.

Goa carnival

From strumming of the guitars and drums to dancing to feasting, singing and light music, every street of this state will see liveliness and grace taped with vibrant colors all around. The festivity is not restricted to a day coz one can witness a troop of dancers, musicians, brass bands, clowns, fire eaters, acrobats, fortune tellers, jesters and many other performing on the streets of Goa with great zeal and zest and thus making it look no less than a fairytale. The light music from the Spanish guitar and the low-beats of the drums ought to make anyone get on their feet.

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