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tgblog Feb 19 2019

The Best of Nagpur!

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The Best of Nagpur | Ticketgoose

“The Orange City” or Nagpur is the 3 rd largest city of Maharashtra. It is also the winter capital of Maharashtra. Nagpur is famous for “Nagpur oranges” and called as the Orange City for being a major trade center for Nagpur oranges. The city has a rich heritage both in medieval and modern India. The city has vast landscape filled with natural resources and ancient architectures! Each place has its own
historical significance! Nagpur must be visited at least once in the life time. Come, let us explore the heritage places around Nagpur! But before we start, book your tickets ticketgoose.com and travel at cheaper rates.

Dhamma chakra Stupa Or Deekshabhoomi

Dhamma chakra Stupa | Ticketgoose

Dhamma chakra Stupa Or Deekshabhoomi is a biggest Buddhist Stupa in the world. Construction of the Stupa started in July 1978 & was inaugurated in 18 December 2001. The place is considered as a pilgrimage place for Buddhist and millions of pilgrims visit every year, especially on "Dhammachakra Pravartan Day". It is a day to mark the conversion of 6,00,000 people into Buddhist along with B. R. Ambedkar. It comprises a large two storied hemispherical buildings and gates that resembles Sanchi gate. The inner circular hall is has an area of 4000 square feet and constructed with with granite, marble and Dholpur sandstone.Ground floor is a large square hall with a Buddha image at the center. And each storey has enough space to accommodate thousands of people. The architectural design is inspired from the on the architecture of the world famous Stupa of Sanchi.

Lake Garden SakkardaraLake Garden Sakkardara | Ticketgoose

Lake Garden Sakkardara is the best place for lazy relaxation! The garden is on the banks of the Sakkardara lake is a famous gateway for local people in Nagpur. The engaging beauty serenity traps your attention that you wouldn’t know the time passing by! This garden has a great expanse of playing fields. The lovely sunset & sunrise from the lake is idyllic & pleasant!

Ramtek Fort Temple

Ramtek Fort Temple | Ticketgoose

The place is both important for both Hindus as well as Jains. The legend says that, King Raghuji Bhosale with his accountant came to Ramtek for construction of Ram temple. One day, the accountant came late after arrival of king Bhosale. When the king inquired, he said that he cannot eat food without worship, so he had to travel 30 km to the nearest Jain temple. So the King ordered his troops to look out for

nearby Jain temples, they couldn’t find any but found an idol. So the king constructed a temple at the exact site where the idol was found. This historical fort temple is also considered to be the resting place of Lord Rama during his days of exile and that is why they have “Sita Mata ki Rasoi” of kitchen of Sita, wife of lord Ram. When you visit Ramtek temple, You can stay at good nearby hotels. You can book them in ticketgoose.com

Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve | Ticketgoose

Pench Tiger Reserve is 85 km away from Nagpur city. The Sanctuary was created in September 1977, with an initial area of 449.39 km². The Pench National Park, recently renamed as Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park, was created in 1983, carved out of the Sanctuary. The Tiger Reserve, 19th in the series, was formed under the Project Tiger scheme in November 1992. The reserve offers safari and on a lucky day we can spot tigers, wild dogs, Indian gaurs, spotted deers, Sambhar and many varieties of birds and ducks. The park has many resorts around its vicinity. Parks are closed from 16th June to 16th of October. But regarding the opening and closing, please visit the official site – http://www.mahapenchtiger.com . Even if the tiger reserves are closed, you can still stay in any of the resorts and enjoy.

Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple | Ticketgoose

Located in Wathoda near the Middle Ring Road, the temple is the largest among the over 1,000 temples that have been set up by Swaminarayan Sanstha across the world. It is the 750th Swaminarayan temple in India & was inaugurated in the city on Monday 7th October 2013.It is a huge and marvelous architecture and the environment is calm and serene. The construction is a wonder-struck with magnificent and grand Architecture. The place is filled with sculptures, stone carvings and miniature carvings that you could spend a solid 1 to 2 hours exploring the sculptures! There are other animates like playground & restaurants around the temple.

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum is a must visit place especially for kids and they are sure to enjoy. The narrow gauges are history now and it is the best place to learn about the narrow gauge era. They explain everything from signal system to track interchanges to everything. The museum has model steam engines, bogies goods wagons etc. There is a historic steam engine which can be climbed by kids! Besides, the premises also have an amusement park, toy trains and swings for kids. It is great place to go.

Nagpur is a great place to be in and the places you visit in and around Nagpur will stay in your hearts for a long time! The place is great, the food is awesome and climate is perfect for a family vacation! Nagpur is easily accessible and has comfortable lodging options. You can book your bus and rooms without any hustle via ticketgoose.com.

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