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tgblog Oct 18 2014

The 7 Secret Ingredients Which Make Our Customers Smile

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Hello! TicketGoose community, we are back once again with another tale -the virtue of our customer support executives’ day-to-day stories. Every ingredient has its own essence to spice up the recipe, and when it comes to our customer satisfaction, we have no bar. Here, we have 7 secret ingredients which help us put loads of smiles on the faces of our lovable customers.

  1. Drop Call Solution – Our TicketGoose customer support executives are the only girlfriends/boyfriends who enjoy your calls, and revert back to you all of a sudden. We may enjoy heroes, comical scoldings (as a part of customer care) as well as being scolded by customers but, while sitting along with them, only I can understand how great they are! I don’t know about other customer support centers but at TicketGoose, our customer care heroes just enjoying their calls. In some cases, if you really can’t reach us with cases like call drops, no problem! Just set your timer for 2 to 5 minutes… and tadaa! You will have a voice responding,

    Hi Sir/Ma’am, Welcome to TicketGoose … 
    Customer Support - instant response

  2. Alternate Arrangement – Who said that our utmost priority is sales? We are very particular about building post-sale relationship. In cases wherein you are worried about your trip cancellations, we are always there to help! All you need to do is just ping us and we will check the availability of buses, send you alternate bus suggestions and book tickets on your behalf in cases of trip cancellations. Seek any help in case your transactions are declined.
    Customer Care - Alternate Bus Tickets booking
  3. Make a Customer Not a Sale – This is the key to the success of our customer support executives’ Yo readers! We would like to share this story only with you. Few weeks back, one of our customers went 10 minutes late, missed his Bus at BTM boarding point, Bangalore. I believe it was at night, he immediately tried calling the operator, but to no avail. Then, he pinged our customer support … That’s it. All of a Sudden, they called the bus driver to stop the bus. “I was called near Majestic and asked to wait for 15 minutes”, said the driver. The passenger reached the bus in an auto and went on to have a safe journey. Here, our customer support executives didn’t care about the auto fare but, rather for the customer’s safe journey at the right time.
    Customer Support -Alternate buses
  4. Feedback Call Even After the Journey – Once the journey is over, everything is not over for us. Send in all those feedback of the travel operators through us, so that they can improve their services. I would proudly say, ‘this is the best and unique feature that none of the so-called blue, green buses will dare to take a chance with’.
    Customer Care -Feedback Call
  5. Hey customer, Say Cheese! – Though we are living in the era of sending, automated birthday wishes via Facebook, SMS, etc, our customer support executives strive hard to remember customers’ (assets) birthdays. We provide exiting offers for the frequent travellers who book bus tickets from TicketGoose. You can also make sure to visit our Facebook fan page and show it on your newsfeed.
    Customer Care -Birthday & Anniversary wishes
  6. 24/7 Customer Support – Many boast, ‘We have 24/7’, but we implemented it. Yeah! We are the only profess(ors)ionals to cater to all your doubts even in the middle of the night. 😀
    Customer Care -Support 24/7
  7. Customer Care’ at All Cost – If the a customer happens to miss his/her bus at boarding point (a worst case scenario), TicketGoose asks the particular travel operator to wait for the individual. We always love giving you something extra as we look forward to form a bond with customers.

Caring for our customers is the yolk of TicketGoose’s egg ;). Once you book your bus ticket with ease, we sent the receipt. That’s not over. There have been situations where our customer support executives visited boarding points to assist our customers. And that’s the motto of TicketGoose.com –“taking you places”. By the way, hit our customer support executives at 088080808080.

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