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tgblog Jan 02 2020

Talakadu – A Wonder Buried Beneath Sand! – TicketGoose

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Some express it’s undependable to wander on left grounds particularly during the night because you may not realize which soul exists and some are strong to such an extent that they go looking for heaps of baffling stories during bus rides, discover the legends related behind the dividers of the spot and,prove to the world that it’s simply their superstitious attitude that offers approach to incognito disasters along these lines proving that no stories of fates dwells there. However, keeping these separated, there is one spot close to Bangalore from Chennai otherwise called the city covered under the sands that send shivers down your spine – Talakadu. 

Talakadu cuddled on the banks of River Kaveri is now an abandoned town that was once administered by changed administrations and soaked with rich knolls and paddy fields. A long time back, it used to have more than 30 sanctuaries with comfortable hotels which are all currently covered in sand and the purpose for is as yet not known. On conversing with the close by local people, you would become more acquainted with various types of sages of which the most well known is the Alamelamma revile which can be seen even now in the royal residence of Mysore Raja. Its relic doesn’t know about however everything we could come to know is that this name was gotten from the names of two twin sibling; Tala and Kadu who were once chopping down the trees and on another tree to cut, they discovered elephants revering the tree as it depicted the picture of Lord Shiva and the elephants were later changed to Rishis. The tree was reestablished, all got moksha and along these lines the spot was named Talakadu. Such is the flight of heritage and mythology in India!

It passes by the realities that Rani Alamelamma had gems which the King of Wodeyar tradition was enthusiastic benefiting it and hence sent a whole troop to the fortress of Rani. Rani Alamelamma knowing this, raced to the Cauvery River, tossed every one of her gems, reviled and suffocated in the waterway, from that point forward the spot has been encountering two weird occasions that are unmistakable even to date; 

  1. Talakadu lies submerged profoundly under the sand. 
  1. The Mysore illustrious family has been confronting the issue of having a legitimate beneficiary to the position of royalty since the seventeenth century. 

Subsequently, it is an absolute necessity that you visit this spot at least once to feel the chilling minute on coming there.

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