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tgblog Apr 18 2017

Take a Ride to the Scariest place – Bhangarh Fort

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Are you a type of person who jitters on hearing ghost tales from your grandparents? Or are you a type of person who is on foot to visit that particular bloodcurdling location after hearing the remnants of legendary tales of the mishap. Who isn’t interested in listening to these tales and one such anecdote that would combine your travel and horror together is the Bhangarh Fort- a fort that was constructed in the 17th century in the state of Rajasthan that is located near the renowned tiger reserve in the Aravali Hills in Alwar, Rajasthan. The fort is housed at the foothills where the ruined place still exists on the slopes with a new village of Bhangarh confined outside it.



What actually happened there? People are clueless when such of type of questions are posed to them but what are heard at night are the screams of people which are very awful and anyone who goes inside with a thirst to unveil its truth is never seen again and much more about this place can be well-explained to you if you converse with the locals as it is them who had been witnessing absurd visions and appalling sounds for the past so many years. When you enter this place your will see a cautionary board laid by the Archaeological Survey of India forbidding your visits inside. So, if you are planning for a day trip then it is advisable that you return back by evening.

Why is it haunted? This dates back to the year 1631 when Madho Singh had built the fort with an agreement with a Sadhu named Baba Nath where the fort’s shadow would not fall upon his house and if it does then it would lead to destruction. This was one side of the story. The another version goes this way; there was a wizard who fell in love with the Bhangarh princess, Ratnavati and one day when she went to buy scent along with her friends, the wizard replaced the scent with the love potion. Knowing this trick of the wizard, the princess threw the potion onto the boulder which rolled down and killed the wizard who in turn cursed that Bhangarh would soon be in ruins. Consequently, the fort was invaded by the Mughals and everyone inside along with the princess was sacked.

Though these legendary notes seem to be haunted, people from all over the world visit this place to see the skint architecture and for adventure seekers, Rajasthan has to be your next destination. If you are wondering how to visit this haunted spot, take a bus to Jaipur from Delhi and a connecting train to Alwar. Oh yes, weak- hearted fellas, take a diversion.


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