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tgblog Aug 22 2019

Mobile gaming all set as the next gamechanger!

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Let’s admit it. Wouldn’t you be super excited catching a slam dunk from the courtside at an NBA game? Or get captivated by an NFL touchdown right from the sidelines with the stadium roaring? All of this and much more is possible with VR headsets! Sports teams and coaches use VR technology as a platform to learn and train better. Videos taken from the player’s eye-view during practice sessions, facilitate the players to undergo realistic, repetitive training with various scenarios to achieve peak performance. “It’s going to disrupt all aspects of sport that you can imagine.” VR expert Michael Ludden […..]

tgblog Aug 20 2019

Best Ways to Taximise and Go Beyond the Journey – Ticketgoose

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Driving a taxi in the urban jungles is back-breaking work with little reward. The hours are long. The pay can be awful; if the cab driver doesn’t make much in a night to cover the lease of the taxi and petrol costs, he might go home with empty pockets. This isn’t to say cab drivers are perfect. As in any industry, there are bound to be a few shady characters who charge their customers more than required, they keep a messy car, or just behave rudely. But most of them are trying to do right by their customers and their […..]

tgblog Aug 09 2019

7 lovely bus journeys in India

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Mumbai to Goa This road is 600 kilometres of awesomeness filled with greenery, ghats and water bodies. This road remains beautiful all round the year.  According to me, travelling by car on this route is the most fantastic experience. The road crosses many rivers and mountains and many beautiful temples and waterfall.” Visakhapatnam to Chennai One of the stunning highways in India, this road is not popular amongst roadies. I love to drive and enjoyed driving via ECR road. Got to see some good scenic beauties. The route is filled with places to eat and relax. There are good restaurants, […..]

tgblog Aug 03 2019

What are the interesting places to visit in West Bengal

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West Bengal is the cultural capital of India. It has constantly produced thoughts, ideas and events which have brought forth freshness and rejuvenation in the society both in India and the world. This strength of West Bengal needs to be taken forward with greater vigour from a tourism perspective to give tourism an unmatched strength in the State. The specific components of Cultural Tourism which will be focused upon will include Fairs and Festivals Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Arts and Crafts Tourism, Cuisine Tourism, Film Tourism, Family, Relatives and Friends Tourism, and Village Tourism. To remain competitive, West Bengal will also […..]

tgblog Jul 30 2019

What are the important places to visit in Bihar

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Bihar has remained one of the underrated tourist destinations in India. It is ironic that Bihar was once the seat of one of the most prosperous ancient Indian kingdoms and today it suffers listlessness when it comes to heritage tourism in India. We agree, we may have a good amount of foreign tourists swarming Bihar but said unsaid they have all restricted themselves to fewer destinations in this historically affluent state. Here is Bihar from the eye of an avid traveller and for the sake of convenience the list has been split into three sections, so that you do not […..]