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Tag Archives: TGPL

tgblog Aug 22 2019

Mobile gaming all set as the next gamechanger!

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Let’s admit it. Wouldn’t you be super excited catching a slam dunk from the courtside at an NBA game? Or get captivated by an NFL touchdown right from the sidelines with the stadium roaring? All of this and much more is possible with VR headsets! Sports teams and coaches use VR technology as a platform to learn and train better. Videos taken from the player’s eye-view during practice sessions, facilitate the players to undergo realistic, repetitive training with various scenarios to achieve peak performance. “It’s going to disrupt all aspects of sport that you can imagine.” VR expert Michael Ludden […..]

tgblog Aug 13 2019

Best Players of ICC World Cup 2019 – A Report (Ticketgoose)

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The recently-ended 2019 Cricket World Cup featured a plethora of outstanding players and performances – we’ve attempted to narrow them down to the best-there-is XI. To do this, though, we’ve made our selections based upon where the player actually batted, which means some big names have missed out from making it. The side offers plenty of options for whoever is lucky enough to captain to it, with consistently high scoring batsmen and a number of potent bowling options. Rohit Sharma scored 648 runs | Strike rate 98.33 Never before has a batsman scored five centuries in a World Cup. You […..]

tgblog Aug 03 2019

The rise of cricket and the birth of TGPLCricket, cricketfans, cricketstadium, CSK, IPL, sachin, watchcricket

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Much has been said about Indian sports in general and cricket in particular since it outranks in popularity, mass appeal and that undoubtedly makes it a moneyspinner. Now, a sport, for the love of it, shouldn’t be exploited plainly for its ability to raise money. But, having said that, unless the said sport is able to be monetised, it won’t gather traction either. Which brings us to the dynamics that have governed the way cricket has evolved over the years. The game as we know it, has been played initially in the form of Tests and that was many decades […..]

tgblog Mar 04 2019

FAQs on TGPL Game – Features of the game

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Some FAQs on the features of TGPL game: 1. Can we improve the power of a player? Ans: Each player has power, power determines player strength. Higher power means better player. Overall, all star players power gets added to your team power, and similarly higher team power means better team. So in order to be better, keep improving your power. 2. What is Single play Campaign? Ans: This is a campaign mode for newly joined users. There are 10 teams and user has to defeat all these 10 teams in order to unlock league. Each team the user defeats, the […..]

tgblog Mar 04 2019

The invite system of TGPL

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Every user will start with a wallet named as Ticket Goose Cash with a predefined amount existing in the wallet. This bonus cash can only be used to purchase the IAPs (in-game purchasable items).  Every user will start with INR 400 bonus TG cash. For the 1st invite, the user will earn additional INR 50 as TG cash. An invite will be considered successful if it satisfies the following conditions: ● If the user clicks on the shared link by the invitee and downloads the apk from the same link ● If the user signs up in the game and participates […..]