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tgblog Dec 08 2017

What about a trip to Land of Black Magic?

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It will be quite interesting if we come to know that the things which we have heard in fairy tales are happening in the real world, isn’t it? I guess your answer will be yes, we have seen the series of Harry Potter (Story that fully based on witchcraft), some may be addicted to those series. While watching those series, we would have thought that all those witchcrafts are fictions. But surprisingly, there is a place in India called Mayong in the Marigaon district of Assam which is famous for black magic. Whenever we hear the word black magic then […..]

tgblog Dec 07 2017

Places to Visit with these Operators!

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Oo la la la! India! Though seems to be a small nation in the world map, it is the largest South Asian country that is bestowed with copious topography; from the magnificent Himalayas in the North to the vibrant beaches of the South and other marvels. Also, known across the world for its epitome of love, the Taj Mahal, exigent landscapes, exceptional archaeological sites depicting historic importance, vivacious festivals, rivers, colonial buildings and much more, India has indeed grabbed tourists worldwide. So, what is it that you are doing every weekend? Head to some of the top- destinations of our nation, […..]

tgblog Dec 05 2017

Some more Operators for your Travel!

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All the blogs that I would have written previously, holds certain operators that are rated the best for your travel. From the on-time schedule of coaches and vigilance on every move to clean and well-maintained fleets, TicketGoose has a hefty bunch of operators rendering their top-notch services in the bus transportation sector. So, today I have come up with yet another three topmost travel operators of ticketgoose.com with which, India’s leading online bus ticketing portal has paired up and to shower limelight on those; take a look below; A1 Travels- A1 Travels, an official online partner of ticketgoose.com that is […..]

tgblog Dec 01 2017

Don’t Miss to Watch Movies in these Multiplexes!

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A Weekend is the best compliment for each one of us in this busy world. Spending time on these days should be memorable. Whenever we feel bored, one thing that comes to our mind is Cinema. People belong to Gen X will not look for classy theatres, because they prefer to watch the movies and not the ambiance of the theatre. But now, the trend has changed. Gen Y and Gen Z prefer the ambiance of the theatre than the movies. By understanding these needs, many have introduced good and classy theatres. Some of the classy and worth visiting multiplexes […..]

tgblog Nov 28 2017

From Dwarasamudra to Halebidu- The Temple Town!

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“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves”, goes a renowned saying on ancient architecture. India’s ancient architecture roars high on various artifacts; from temples to minarets to varied heritage sites. Example of one such site which is worth a visit and known for their exquisite craftsmanship is Halebidu; a temple town that is in close proximity to Belur and Chikmagalur. This town in the Hassan district of Karnataka is considered as the “Jewel of Indian Architecture” that was formerly called as Dwarasamudra, a royal capital of the Hoysala Kingdom. Halebidu got its name, “The Old City” […..]