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tgblog Nov 15 2014

Chennai Central – The Heart of Travellers

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Ever been to Chennai? Well, if you have been, then this place will not come as a surprise for you. If you have been staying here or been put up for some time at least! It is a busy area which is used as a junction, wherein from you can proceed on a wide variety of areas ranging from the North Indian hub of Sowkarpet or even to the Marina Beach on the sea front. In this blog, we take a look at Chennai Central, in terms of what you can expect when you are here waiting for your bus. […..]

tgblog Nov 01 2014

6 Survival Tips for your Long Bus Trip [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Now your long bus trip will no longer seem to be very long! As we ferry you to your favorite destinations, we ensure your comfort level. Just a click away, book and tadaa! Your bus travel lifecycle starts without compromising on your health status. Here is a short attempt to familiarize you with few healthy travel tips & ideas that ensure your health and safety. Grab your Special Offers on Bus Ticket Bookings with TicketGoose.com Know us to love us So if this piece of artwork beckons you, share this Infographic amongst blog readers. And that’s not all, feel free […..]